OCD therapist Char'lee Stewart, Licensed Therapist, LMFT, Licensed OCD Therapist

Char'lee Stewart

Licensed Therapist, LMFT • (She/Her)

Loma Linda University

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My experience with treating OCD:

I’m going on 13 years helping my community overcome their mental health challenges as a licensed therapist. Now that I specialize in OCD, I can treat even more people with this debilitating disorder. In addition to being an OCD specialist, I’m certified in trauma work with a background in treating depression and anxiety. During our time, I’ll use Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy to help you get your life back.


About Me

Most of my experience comes from working in non-profit community-based programs, guiding inner-city youths, and treating mothers in substance abuse programs. With my extensive background and specialized training in OCD, I can treat anyone of any age for all subtypes. It’s important to know that when it comes to OCD, you're not getting rid of something. You'll learn how to manage your OCD within your environment by living without the thoughts and urges that you’re currently experiencing. Active listening and building a rapport with members are factors I find to be essential and valuable. Everyone has the skills within themselves to make positive changes in their lives, and as your therapist, I want to give you my full support on your journey towards recovery.

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Char'lee Stewart


Oct 13, 2021

Helping Mom understand and how to be stronger!

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