Kenneth Hosier

Kenneth Hosier

Licensed Therapist, LMHC, LPC • (He/Him/His)

Georgia State University

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My experience with treating OCD:

I’ve been licensed as a counselor since 2000. In addition to working with NCOD, I run a private practice where I work a lot with anxiety cases, trauma, and other disorders. In reflection, I feel like my career has led me to become specialized in OCD treatment. I’ve heard many personal stories and challenges that have trained me to deal with all OCD subtypes. I use Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy to treat OCD because of its proven ability to work.


About Me

I’ve always wanted to help people, but my earlier professions didn’t allow me to make the positive changes that I wanted for people, so I turned to become a therapist. I’m passionate about helping people, and I want to bring my drive to help you reach your goals. I can do that with ERP therapy, but I need to hear about the OCD experiences you’re going through, causing you shame. I can offer you a space that’s non-judgemental for you to open up and be yourself. I also have other specialized training that may help you a great deal. Most importantly, I’m here to help you find your way out from OCD’s shadow and into a better place. This is something I know we can do together.

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What our members say about
Kenneth Hosier


Apr 14, 2021

So far, my experience has been great!


May 03, 2021

Dr. Hosier has been very helpful and I am making progress.


May 04, 2021

Had my 2nd session with my therapist this morning. Haven't even started ERP and I'm already sweating over it lmao but excited to get my life together


Jun 10, 2021

I am ready to do the work and cultivate resilience and temper my mind. I am confident after my first session that there IS a way to manage my condition.


Jul 27, 2021

Absolutely love meeting with my therapist. He is knowledgeable and understanding. He truly seems like he cares and is willing to help me in any way necessary!


Oct 11, 2021

Ken is so positive and encouraging. I am so thankful we found him!


Oct 24, 2021

My therapy appointment with Ken went very well. He has already offered great advice and I felt like he really listened and cared about everything I told him in our first session. I've been feeling stressed lately that I don't really have OCD and that maybe I'm just lying about all of my anxiety, but I'm hoping that my continued therapy with Ken will help me find some peace and clarity in all of this.

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