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From Personal Struggle to Powerful Solution

Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
Cofounder and CEO

My life was going great. I was an award-winning college quarterback with a vibrant social life and a bright future ahead of me. But then OCD came out of nowhere and derailed everything.

I started having repeated intrusive thoughts that made me doubt the most fundamental characteristics about myself. Depression hit, and it felt like I was stuck. I went from playing quarterback in college to being housebound in six months due to misdiagnosed and untreated OCD.

It took a lot of time and money to access effective OCD treatment, but once I had the right diagnosis and found ERP therapy, my mental health improved, I returned to school, and I finished my football career. I felt like I had a future once again.

Getting the treatment I needed to conquer OCD was a battle on its own. It made me wonder: Why isn't effective care more accessible and affordable to those of us struggling with OCD?

My experience fueled the creation of NOCD. Talented, like-minded individuals joined me to make this vision a reality. With their passion and innovation, we took off in a big way. Now, NOCD is working to help 180 million people with OCD around the world regain their lives.

NOCD is on a clear mission:

To restore hope for people with OCD through better awareness and treatment.

On average, it takes 17 years for people with OCD to get proper treatment due to high costs and a shortage of specialists. NOCD is changing that. We offer Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy, the most proven OCD treatment, and partner with insurance plans to make it affordable. Inside the NOCD platform, you can do live video sessions with a licensed ERP therapist, and get support between sessions from self-help tools and peer communities.

Our work at NOCD is just getting started

NOCD continues to break new ground in the field of mental health care. Here is what we've accomplished so far

35% reduction in symptoms

Virtual ERP at NOCD Therapy has demonstrated clinically significant outcomes, including a 35% reduction in OCD symptom severity and an over 40% reduction in anxiety, stress, and depression symptoms.

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50% more efficient

We typically see outcome improvement between 12 and 17 clinical hours which is approximately 50% more efficient than the national average for the typical CBT therapy.

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50 US states & International

NOCD has expanded to provide care in all 50 US states, Washington D.C., and many countries outside the US.

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2 in 3 covered

NOCD partners with many major insurance plans to make therapy convenient and affordable.

300+ OCD-specialized therapists

The NOCD network has grown to over 300 therapists who receive specialized training in Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) Therapy, the gold-standard in treatment for OCD.

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20,000+ therapy sessions per month

With our national provider network we've grown from hundreds of virtual face-to-face sessions to thousands per month. This is in pursuit of NOCD's goal to end the global suffering caused by OCD.

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100,000+ engagements per month

NOCD is home to the largest online OCD community with over 100,000 community member engagements per month across all of our platforms.

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The people that drive the mission

Our team is composed of people eager to drive our mission forward. Some of us have even faced the challenges with OCD, and arrive motivated to help people get better. Our passion will help us reach our goals of bringing accessible OCD care to every person who needs it.

Our Amazing Team

We're developers, designers, clinicians, marketers, data analysts, and so much more — all brought together by a common goal: to help people with OCD get better and stay better.

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