It takes a lot of great people to help people feel better. We’re working with payers, higher education, providers, and researchers to approach OCD treatment from every angle.


Health plans and managed behavioral health organizations looking to better serve their population


  • Early identification and management
  • Cost savings


  • Identify and manage members who don't appear in claims data, and are at risk of developing substance use disorders and becoming suicidal
  • Prevent high-risk members in your population from visiting the emergency room or requiring residential treatment


Mental health professionals looking to find and treat more people with OCD in their area


  • Identify and treat more high-acuity people with OCD in your area who require specialized care
  • Engage patients with evidence-based OCD treatment after discharge, to maintain progress and prevent readmission


  • Treat more severe patients
  • Reduce readmissions

Life Science

Scientists looking to study OCD and develop breakthrough solutions


  • Easily recruit patients for clinical trials inside the NOCD community
  • Empower research sites with the technology needed to manage OCD patient participants


  • Effective OCD patient recruitment
  • Efficient research site management

Find out how we can work together to help people with OCD feel better