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Our values

Help people feel better

This team came together because we believe people with OCD don't need to suffer nearly as much as they do now. Our commitment is to support them, and every decision we make – business, technology, marketing – should begin with deliberation over whether or not it will help make life with OCD easier.

Respect expertise, then refine it

Because conditions like OCD are treated and researched by professionals with years of training, we have to be careful in our daily work not to overstep the bounds of what we know and understand. So we ask each other questions, consult our advisors, and find creative ways to make science more accessible and friendlier without claiming special authority.

Earn people's trust every day

Everything we do relies on the fact that our users trust us. This trust emerges from a constant process, not a one-time exchange. By refusing to hide anything from people, we'll earn the long-term rewards that come with being trusted by researchers, clinicians, users, and their family and friends.

Rise and shine

Mental health treatment currently faces a ton of problems, and everyone at NOCD is driven to solve them. Although experience in our respective fields brought us here, our willingness to dive into new issues each day and follow them to their resolution is what ensures our success. By always keeping our members' stories and our own mental health struggles in mind, we're drawing from an endless source of motivation to be the very best at what we do.