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Treating OCD, Together

OCD needs to be addressed with specialty evidence-based care. Other forms of treatment, like talk therapy, can be ineffective or even harmful. At NOCD, we provide Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy, leading to life-changing outcomes for patients.

Why we Collaborate

Helping patients access specialty treatment

  • Accessing specialty treatment should be an essential factor in an OCD patient's comprehensive care plan.
  • It takes collaboration between providers across the healthcare system to address their unique needs effectively and provide the best experience possible.


Collaborative care is the key to providing exceptional care

  • Medical care is typically about more than one provider treating one patient.
  • We recognize that to truly connect all patients to the care they need, we are stronger as a provider community that prioritizes collaborative care.

Behavioral Health Providers, Primary Care Physicians, External Therapists, Residential Treatment Centers, ER Doctors, and OBGYNs are all a part of our community.

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Benefits of collaborating with NOCD

  • NOCD Therapists conduct regular assessments during our members' treatment journeys and can share progress and health summary reports with referring providers.
  • Receive provider education on OCD, NOCD updates, and join provider community events.
  • See people with OCD get better faster through improved access to specialty care.
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