Obsessive compulsive disorder - OCD treatment and therapy from NOCD
Three female therapists and two male therapists

NOCD Therapists are specialists in OCD

NOCD therapists practice Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), the most effective treatment for OCD. Each of our therapists is trained by our world-renowned clinical leadership team.

Criteria for clinical excellence

We start with an intentional screening process to verify that new therapists are:

  • Board licensed
  • Deeply empathetic for people with OCD
  • Passionate about improving the delivery of OCD treatment
  • Experienced with OCD and common comorbidities

ERP-trained · Licensed · Experienced

Our clinical leadership team

Meet the OCD experts who build our protocols and actively manage them today

OCD therapy from Josh Kaplan, LCSW

Josh Kaplan, LCSW

VP of Network Operations

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OCD therapy from Taylor Newendorp, LCPC

Taylor Newendorp, LCPC

Network Clinical Training Director

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OCD therapy from Mia Nuñez, PhD

Mia Nuñez, PhD

Regional Clinical Director

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