Obsessive compulsive disorder - OCD treatment and therapy from NOCD

NOCD Therapists get world-class training to help you conquer OCD

Every NOCD Therapist undergoes in-depth training and testing before seeing our members. It's what sets us apart. To start treatment with a NOCD Therapist, book a free call.

NOCD Therapists

Our process sets a new standard for training therapists to treat OCD

NOCD's 4-step training approach equips therapists with the skills to offer people with OCD evidence-based treatments like Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy.

Selective hiring
Our interview process assesses whether therapists are qualified to treat each of our members with specialized, personalized, and empathetic OCD care.
Comprehensive training
Upon joining the NOCD Network, therapists begin an intensive, expert-designed program that trains them in ERP therapy, the most effective OCD treatment, and the identification and treatment of related conditions.
Thorough evaluation
Before starting to see NOCD Members, each NOCD Therapist must demonstrate retention of their training and pass multiple exams.
Continuous learning
While working with members, NOCD Therapists receive continuous education and consultation from clinical leadership to ensure the highest quality of care.

With NOCD, you'll work with a therapist who is trained to understand exactly what you're going through and to help you conquer your OCD.


NOCD Therapists stand out because of their deep training

Many therapists claim they can treat moderate to severe OCD. Few receive the deep training to do it well. Here's where NOCD Therapists stand:

Most OCD
Specialty-trained by OCD experts
Offer specialized treatment, including ERP
Pass rigorous evaluations to treat OCD
Spent hundreds of hours learning about OCD
Receive ongoing education in OCD
Get consultation from key opinion leaders in OCD
Understand OCD's intricacies

Learn how NOCD Therapy can help you get better by booking a free phone call with our team.


The clinical leaders managing NOCD's training program and supporting your care

NOCD's world-renowned clinical leadership team supports the care of our members at every step, from designing our in-depth therapist training program to continually supporting NOCD Therapists. Their hands-on involvement ensures we're helping our members conquer OCD.

OCD therapy from Kellie Kintz, LCSW

Kellie Kintz, LCSW

Network Clinical Onboarding Director

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OCD therapy from Taylor Newendorp, LCPC

Taylor Newendorp, LCPC

Network Clinical Training Director

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OCD therapy from Mia Nuñez, PhD

Mia Nuñez, PhD

Regional Clinical Director

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The OCD community benefits from the in-depth training NOCD Therapists receive

Our continuous training empowers NOCD Therapists to deliver a world-class treatment experience for the OCD community, personalized to each of our members and their families.


Identifying and diagnosing OCD

The thorough education our therapists receive allows them to identify OCD and understand how it impacts our members, from the distressing, contradictory thoughts to all of OCD's subtypes.


Properly treating OCD

Therapists receive instruction on administering ERP, including hierarchy development, exposure techniques, response prevention strategies, and building of custom treatment plans to match severity levels and subtypes.


Treating related and co-occurring conditions

NOCD Therapists also learn to treat related conditions such as hoarding disorder, tic disorder, hair pulling, and skin picking, as well as conditions like PTSD, depression, and anxiety.


Providing personalized and inclusive care

Our therapists are trained to work with children, adolescents, and adults, and are required to demonstrate respect for our members' diverse identities, beliefs, backgrounds, and orientations.

Bringing highly trained OCD specialists within reach

People seeking care deserve access to qualified therapists who truly understand OCD. At NOCD, we believe in providing specialized treatment that's convenient, affordable, and effective. Get started with NOCD Therapy by booking a free call with our team.

We take many insurance plans


We're removing affordability barriers to OCD care

Before NOCD, insurance-backed ERP therapy was uncommon. We knew this hurt millions, so we created NOCD to make a significant impact. Now, over 130 million Americans can access OCD-specialty treatment as a covered benefit.