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OCD therapist Nicholas Farrell, Licensed Therapist, Ph. D., Licensed OCD Therapist

Nicholas Farrell

Licensed Therapist, Ph. D. • (He/Him)

University of Wyoming

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My experience with treating OCD:

For over 15 years, I’ve been offering evidence-based care to people struggling with OCD. I have received specialized OCD training through various clinical training institutions. My experience extends beyond the treatment of OCD, having helped those with obsessive-compulsive spectrum conditions and other anxiety-related problems find a better place in life. Together, we’ll use Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy during sessions to help you get your life back.


About Me

Treating OCD and related conditions is my passion. The reward of guiding those with OCD is a great feeling that comes along with helping members make a great improvement in the quality of their lives. In my experience with ERP, I have seen how it reliably produces good results. It's important to me that I hear your story and learn from you about how we can collaborate to make the changes you’re wanting to see. You’ll find me genuinely authentic, with an approach that blends empathy with firm guidance. I want to be able to look at you honestly and explain what we’ll need to accomplish in order to maximize success. We’ll collaborate from session to session and put you on the path to leaving your OCD challenges behind you.

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Jul 15, 2022


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