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OCD therapist Raelee Eicke, Licensed Therapist, Psy. D, Licensed Psychologist, Licensed OCD Therapist

Raelee Eicke


Licensed Therapist, Psy. D, Licensed Psychologist


Therapy gives me the chance to help someone regain control of their life. I have ADHD, and I know how learning the right skills can give you the freedom to make the choices you want. That’s why I like ERP, which is focused on individualized sessions; someone can have treatment tailored just for them. ERP gives you the tools to manage your OCD for the rest of your life, but first, you’ll have to face your fears with my guidance so you can learn how to not rely on compulsions. I come from a place of non-judgement and empathy, because with empathy, you can help a person in a more meaningful manner. Members tell me that I’m a great listener that makes them feel seen and safe. You can meet your goal of recovery. Let me be the one to guide you.

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What our members say about
Raelee Eicke


Mar 25, 2024

I have struggled with OCD for most of my life (although not diagnosed until my late 30's). I can remember pulling out my hair when I was a kid in elementary school because of anxiety. Or feeling like if I wasn't with my family, they would die in a car crash and calling hospitals to make sure none of them were admitted and crying until they got home. As my life progressed, I learned to manage it quietly because 99% of my compulsions were mental. No one know I was replaying memories over and over for several hours out of my day or that I thought if I thought hard enough about something I could change what might happen. I finally hit my peak of OCD symptoms after I had my son, which is when I sought help, finally. I cannot say enough about my therapist and experience at NOCD. My therapist Raelee Eicke was phenomenal. She was able to balance tough love with pushing me just enough past my comfort zone to make real changes and learn real techniques that help me now recognize when I am starting an OCD cycle and how to work through it swiftly to get on with my life and remain in control, instead of letting my OCD remain in control. Being able to do my sessions at home and work them around my schedule and have my son with me (which was necessary for some of my OCD related issues with Postpartum OCD) was what I needed to practice my exposures in real-time. Thank you for helping me to gain back control and giving me lifelong tools to remain in control.


Jul 21, 2023

Very helpful therapy. I thought my OCD surrounded just a few things, but after this therapy, I see that OCD is almost always active in my mind and touches most things in my life. Helped me disengage from the “little gremlin” in my brain


Jul 20, 2023

One of the best therapist and the whole team is just phenomenal


Jul 18, 2023

NOCD has honestly been the most helpful therapy I’ve ever had. It is specific to my OCD needs and my therapist is very knowledgeable and well trained. I feel she genuinely understands my struggles. Sometimes I even ask my therapist, “Are you in my head?” She seems well aware of what I am thinking. I should have opted for NOCD a long time ago. I especially like how my therapy occurs twice a week, as I feel I need the extra support. I’m so glad this amount of support was available when I needed it most. I also found the online therapy to not be a barrier. I had predicted it to lessen the impact of treatment, but I have not found that to be true. I highly recommend NOCD to any one looking for relief from the obsessions and/or compulsions.


Jul 14, 2023

I LOVE my therapist. Raelee is so insightful and helpful.


Jul 14, 2023

Good help


Jul 07, 2023

Amazing patience


Jun 30, 2023

NOCD did a great job and super well structured


Jun 20, 2023

Ralee has been a life saver.


Jun 15, 2023

Nocd has been a life saver. The work is tough but fruitful.


Jun 09, 2023

I just had my last session with Raelee and just wanted to say that this entire process has been life-changing for me. Raelee is extremely knowledgeable, is compassionate and empathic, and also has a great sense of humor. She was a perfect fit for me as she would make me laugh but also push me out of my comfort zone so I could really understand what ERP is all about. She will be the first to say that I was the one that did all the work but I truly couldn’t have done it without her. This program is simply amazing and I will continue to recommend it to others who are struggling with OCD.


Mar 24, 2023

Very happy and useful information!!


Mar 21, 2023

I did a NOCD411 educational session today to learn more and gather information for my sister and her son. Raelee was wonderful! Couldn't believe how much we were able to cover in one session. I have a better understanding of how OCD is affecting my nephew and family, and have more hope and knowledge about our next steps to get help. Thank you, Raelee!


Jan 23, 2023

I feel that I am finally getting evidence based treatment that is targeting my specific issues. My therapist does not get distracted by the crazy shit my brain does and I am already starting to reap the benefits of ERP.


Jan 14, 2023

This was my first appointment. It was founded in clinical.assessment, policies and procedures. I found that Dr. gave me more than adequate time to express myself on areas of concern. I left feeling good about the session and ready to move forward. I guess I will have a better idea when we do the second session together.


Jan 13, 2023

I feel like she really understands what I am going through and knows exactly how to help me. I have experienced much healing with her help.


Aug 18, 2022

She’s great!


May 16, 2022

My therapist is the right amount of stern and caring. I finally feel like i'm not the only one in the world who deals with these things. She has the right training, experience, and tools to help me navigate life in uncertainty without letting it control me. Im looking forward to the hard work we will do together. Finally have hope instead of confusion in dropping the battle in my mind. Thanks to Raelee (my therapist) and nocd for helping people who think they are alone in this experience of OCD that might not look like what everyone thinks it does.


Mar 24, 2022

I just had my first session with Raelee and she is AMAZING💜💜💜 I said some very vulnerable things and she was so understanding ☺️


Mar 10, 2022

She was very receptive and professional!

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