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OCD therapist Dwayne Sturgill, Licensed Therapist, MED, LPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Dwayne Sturgill

Licensed Therapist, MED, LPC


Your thoughts are not reality. They're just thoughts. Once you realize that, you can work on becoming less afraid or bothered by the thoughts and not allow them to dictate your actions. You are in control of your actions, regardless of your thoughts. Outside of work, I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my family and being outdoors. I've been weightlifting since I was 15 years old and powerlifting since my early 20s. I also enjoy reading and listening to podcasts.

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You came for help. That means you're already making progress.

Get to know Dwayne Sturgill

I thought about being a therapist back when I was in high school. I never really had any other career in mind.

I've been a powerlifter for many years and have been around lifters and bodybuilders who struggle with body dysmorphic disorder, specifically muscle dysphoria. OCD has always interested me for that reason.

I've specialized in CBT for treating anxiety and depression. I'm a parent-child interaction therapy provider (behavior therapy) as well as a provider/supervisor for multisystemic therapy. I specifically enjoy the behavior therapy side. I believe the actions of an individual help significantly in managing thoughts.

You came for help. That means you're already making progress. Any step in the right direction is huge progress.

Tell me you're afraid. There is nothing wrong with being reluctant or afraid to share. We can take time to get there.

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