OCD therapist Stephen Mohr, Licensed Therapist, LPCC-S, Licensed OCD Therapist

Stephen Mohr

Licensed Therapist, LPCC-S

The Ohio State University

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My experience with treating OCD:

During my time as a clinical counselor, I often treated people that described OCD symptoms. Now, I specialize in treating OCD. I’m driven to help people in significant pain, so to treat those with OCD, I’ve become more proficient and confident in the treatment that I provide. Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy allows me to do that because it gets the results I’m looking for. Those results lead someone with OCD, someone like yourself, to find a more fulfilling life.


About Me

Talking about your OCD and how it makes you suffer is not easy. You’re dealing with feelings and emotions that can be difficult to explain. During treatment, I make sure that I don’t become “hyper clinical” when working with you. It’s essential that I treat you like a person who’s going through a tough time and wants to put their OCD troubles behind them. By using ERP therapy, I can help you achieve that. I see you as a co-therapist during sessions because we’re both experts in our ways. You’re an expert on who you are, how you feel, and what you can handle. I’m here to listen and guide you so that you can become whole again. Together, we’ll work to bring you into a better place.

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Stephen Mohr


Mar 26, 2021

Amazing therapist!


May 13, 2021

My therapist is the man!! Slowly getting my mind back together!!

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