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OCD therapist Stephen Mohr, Licensed Therapist, LPCC-S, Licensed OCD Therapist

Stephen Mohr

Licensed Therapist, LPCC-S


Talking about your OCD and how it makes you suffer is not easy. You’re dealing with feelings and emotions that can be difficult to explain. During treatment, I make sure that I don’t become “hyper clinical” when working with you. It’s essential that I treat you like a person who’s going through a tough time and wants to put their OCD troubles behind them. By using ERP therapy, I can help you achieve that. I see you as a co-therapist during sessions because we’re both experts in our ways. You’re an expert on who you are, how you feel, and what you can handle. I’m here to listen and guide you so that you can become whole again. Together, we’ll work to bring you into a better place.

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What our members say about
Stephen Mohr


May 01, 2024

I will forever be grateful to Stephen for supporting me through a difficult OCD relapse amid big life changes. Stephen is incredibly perceptive, empathic and professional in helping me understand my OCD and providing me with key tools for effectively responding to my intrusive thoughts. He makes me feel like we are a team working towards personalised recovery goals. I really appreciate how sensitive and respectful he is to my life situation/ different cultural background. Stephen is the best therapist I've ever had and I recommend him to anyone struggling to find hope on their recovery journey! Also very grateful to NOCD for making it possible for people worldwide to access top quality treatment for OCD so easily. ❤️


Apr 25, 2024

Mr. Mohr has completely transformed my life. I was diagnosed with OCD at 15 and after three years of not getting the proper help Mr. Mohr was like a life boat!! Not only was he an amazing therapist and helped me with my ocd in about three months while several therapists before him (not a part of NOCD) couldnt help me for three years but he is also just an amazing person. As a young girl it is so important to have adults in my life who make me feel heard and safe and Mr. Mohr is 100% one of these adults. Im truly overwhelmed by the progress he has helped me make and I recomend him to anyone who is struggling… I will be forever grateful to him <3


Jan 12, 2024

Stephen has very direct, useful, concise, and helpful solutions to the problems I am experiencing from OCD, and I have been able to recover a lot because of him. He understands my situation, and how to get out of it, very well.


Nov 22, 2023

Stephen is the best example of what a terrific therapist is. He genuinely cares about you and goes the extra mile to make sure you’re getting the care you need. He has never let me down, and he continues to come through for me every time. Words cannot express how much I recommend him to anybody suffering. Truly an amazing guy


Jul 27, 2023

Steve is excellent! I am so grateful for his guidance as I have worked to overcome OCD. He has helped me to be more confident and take back control of my life.


Jul 20, 2023

Stephen is the best therapist. He goes above and beyond and really cares for our son and family in helping us tackle the prison of OCD.


Mar 24, 2023



Mar 17, 2023

Professional, understanding and extremely dedicated to my treatment


Mar 07, 2023



Feb 28, 2023



Feb 21, 2023

Stephen is very engaging and personable. He is very good at contextualising examples to my life.


Feb 21, 2023



Feb 16, 2023



Jan 09, 2023

Stephen is great and always there for me ! So glad to have him


Oct 21, 2022

Stephen is amazing. I am so thankful we found him and nocd.


Oct 18, 2022

Stephen is a highly skilled therapist. We are really thankful to have him helping us. He is supportive, knowledgeable and passionate about his work. Thank you so much.


Jun 27, 2022

It’s expensive and one needs to be brave to talk openly - but it’s worth every minute and dollar


Jun 06, 2022

ERP is Hard but it works. Thankful for such a friendly and smart therapist 😊


May 23, 2022

After years of talk-therapy I feel like I achieved so much since NOCD, coming towards the end of recovery - started sessions here in January !


May 08, 2022

Stephen is a real expert of OCD and spends great efforts for his patients.


Apr 18, 2022

Stephen is explaining things friendly and simple and motivates me and helps me a lot !


Feb 27, 2022

Stephen is the best human on this planet. He makes my daughter feel so comfortable and cared for.

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