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OCD therapist Monique Williamson, Licensed Therapist, LMFT, Licensed OCD Therapist

Monique Williamson


Licensed Therapist, LMFT


I'm very honest and upfront, but I try to approach therapy from a joyful space. I use a lot of humor. There are a lot of ways we can laugh at ourselves, and that can help us get to the other side of the rainbow. Outside of work, I'm very adventurous. I love to travel and have been to three continents. I have jumped out of a plane, flown a plane, and ridden an elephant!

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Treating OCD has been a personal journey for me. I know this works, because I lived it. We can do hard things while we're scared. That is a tenet to live by. You can move through difficulty and get past it.

Get to know Monique Williamson

I've wanted to become a therapist since I was 12. It's been a long time coming! I started off wanting to be like a marriage counselor. I've just always loved the idea of helping people through difficult challenges: hearing their stories, helping them make sense of situations, and understanding their emotions. It was intuitive for me—one of those things you're naturally good at and want to build skills in to be better.

Treating OCD has been a personal journey for me. I know this works, because I lived it. I have two OCD-related diagnoses. First, I'd had a snake phobia since age five. Five years ago, I did exposure therapy and it really worked. I've also experienced trichotillomania (hair-pulling) since childhood. Exposure therapy really helped me with that as well. As a therapist, I've seen ERP change a person's life in three to four weeks. Some people get through the hard things they're afraid of so fast that it can be difficult to accept their reality. Sometimes it takes a little longer to turn that switch in your brain that says, 'I actually don't have to stay afraid. Or even if I am still afraid, I can be afraid and not let that stop me from functioning.'

I have a lot of experience working with addiction and substance abuse. I have also worked with autism and in marriage therapy. I am an MFT, a marriage and family therapist, and I enjoy focusing on interpersonal relationships. During grad school, I interned at a residential treatment center for addiction, and my first job after graduation was at a residential treatment facility in Ohio.

We can do hard things while we're scared. That is a tenet to live by. We're going to do hard things here, and we're going to do hard things while we're afraid. But we can move through the difficulty and get past it.

Start where you can and let's work our way up. Most of the time, when members say, 'I'm not comfortable,' I say, 'Don't worry. There's plenty we can work on now. We can't work on everything at once.' As you get more comfortable, there's a domino effect: things we're working on in one area will start to help you in another area, and then we can get into things that are a little bit harder.

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What our members say about
Monique Williamson


Jan 11, 2024

Monique is very organized and positive. She has a great sense of humor.


Dec 28, 2023

Monique is very organized, and I understand the goals of the exercises that she has me do. I am getting great tools to deal with my OCD/Anxiety/Depression.


Aug 30, 2023

Really enjoyed our time together! Monique is awesome and listens.


Aug 21, 2023

Alexandra was so nice and let me ramble along. She seems very kind and personable. I think we will have a great time with sessions and beating OCD! For the first time in so long I feel so hopeful and looking forward to working with her.


Mar 14, 2023

Monique is an awesome therapist. She’s good at connecting with you, setting up your exposures and helping you through them! I’m very impressed by her knowledge and willingness to work with me through my challenges.


Feb 15, 2023

Loved it we worked on my hierarchy!


Feb 08, 2023

Loved my first session! Monique is warm and easy to talk to.


Nov 30, 2022

It was a great first session and I’m exited about what else can come of this


Nov 18, 2022

Monique made me feel so comfortable and was nonjudgmental throughout the whole session. I’m really looking forward to more sessions!


Sep 11, 2022

She is very patient and always listens. She helped me be more realistic with my OCD. She helped me get my life back.


Aug 25, 2022

Monique was wonderful and supportive as always!


Aug 02, 2022

Monique continues to demonstrate understanding and empathy toward my concerns. Her therapy assignments are relevant and helpful. She was able to challenge me today, which was helpful.


Jul 27, 2022

This session was productive, and the homework assignment appears to be constructive, easy, and relevant!


Jul 08, 2022

Monique appears to be a wonderful therapist! She was kind, attentive, and allowed me the space to just talk. I needed that. I can’t wait to meet with her again!

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