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OCD therapist Joshua Hamrick, Licensed Therapist, MA, LPCC-S, LCPC, LPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Joshua Hamrick


Licensed Therapist, MA, LPCC-S, LCPC, LPC


One of the most important things about therapy is the connection and relationship between a therapist and the person seeking therapy. I work really hard not only to help both of us feel connected and heard but also for you to feel like this is a partnership. We're going to get a little uncomfortable together, because that's where most of the good work happens. Outside of work, I really enjoy spending time with my family and my daughter, cooking new foods, and playing chess.

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You're just a normal person who's having some issues with thoughts or behaviors. That doesn't mean there’s something wrong with you. That just means we have a chance to work on something together, right here.

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I just genuinely like people, and I like helping people. One-on-one conversations are something I'm really passionate about. I love being able to walk with somebody through OCD treatment and help them make their life a little better.

As a therapist, working with OCD has been one of my favorite things to do. I'm really passionate about it. I value the chance to build a connection and rapport with somebody and walk alongside them. I won't push you. But I can say 'I've walked people this way before. There's no reason why you can't do it too. And there's lots of evidence and stories that you're no different than any of these people who've succeeded.'

I’ve also had extensive experience working with depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, bipolar disorder, and relationship issues.

You are no different than anybody else. You're not going to be the first person who walks through this or the last person. You're just a normal person who's having some issues with thoughts or behaviors. That doesn't mean there’s something wrong with you. That just means we have a chance to work on something together, right here.

Let's talk about it. That's a great place to start. My job here is to help you feel connected and heard, and whenever you're ready for that, that's great.

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What our members say about
Joshua Hamrick


Apr 25, 2024

It has taken me years to take this step in getting help with my OCD and some trauma. I finally have had enough of feeling this way and got the courage to get help. I just had my first session with Josh today and he was so kind and empathetic. His genuine and professional disposition put me immediately at ease which made me so much more comfortable than i expected to feel in my first session. Thank you Josh for your time and skill!


Feb 23, 2024

Josh has shown me the way thru OCD, because thats what has to happen. Supports me all around and encourages me to continuously live life on my terms, not OCD’s.


Nov 22, 2023

I love Josh! He makes me calm and he’s good at explaining things. Willow


Oct 05, 2023

Thank you! I have never felt so heard and validated by someone.


Sep 14, 2023

Nice guy, clearly defined boundaries with a solid, clear path forward. Good and receptive communicator, seems intent on helping me to improve my life.


Sep 05, 2023

Josh has taken the time to get to know me truly, and I can tell he cares about me and helping me get better. I am grateful for his insights and the way he gently pushes me when I'm falling back into patterns of rumination and reassurance-seeking. He is a great therapist.


Aug 28, 2023

WOW! I felt heard and understood and this alone is huge!! Nervous and excited to continue this journey!


Aug 22, 2023

Josh is great


Aug 13, 2023

Great first session!


Aug 02, 2023

I was nervous coming into my first session and Josh calmed my nerves and made sure I knew what was going on and what to expect.


Jul 17, 2023

Josh is fantastic! His methods and infinite patience have really helped my son make great progress. This program far exceeds my hopes and expectations. Highly recommend!!!


Jul 12, 2023

Josh did a great job pushing me into my fears and discomfort. Excited to continue my work with him.


Jul 10, 2023

joshua listens in a meaningful and real way. he is willing to hear my fears and critiques surrounding exposure therapy, and pushes me in a way that i can handle.


Jul 10, 2023

Josh is great! Today was tough working through some big ROCD topics but he was able to explain what we were doing and why which helped me feel more comfortable challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone. Thanks Josh!!!


Jul 03, 2023

Josh is very empathetic and a great listener. He has a true understanding of how OCD works and affects those who suffer from it. He does a great job helping gently nudge in the right direction while being sure to be sensitive to feelings, boundaries and comfort. In just a few short sessions I can already see improvement.


Jun 28, 2023

Josh was great. It was only our first session but I’m excited to continue.


Jun 20, 2023

Josh is great


Jun 15, 2023

We LOVE Josh!! He is very good at his job! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Jun 12, 2023

Josh is the best!


May 21, 2023

Josh seemed very caring and listened to what I had to say


May 08, 2023

Josh took the time to ask what my goals with therapy are and where I wanted to start which I found very helpful. At the end of the session he took time to explain my homework assignment and how we would use it for our next session. Feeling hopeful and looking forward to our next session!


May 03, 2023

Shawn continues to be great


May 01, 2023

Josh is great! I’m my first session he took the time to understand my experience and was very supportive. He also sent some great resources for BFRBs. Looking forward to our next session.


Mar 29, 2023

Josh is great


Mar 22, 2023

Josh is awesome to work with and I feel very comfortable working through the most challenging things with his help! I would highly recommend him.


Mar 05, 2023

We love Josh!


Mar 01, 2023

Josh is just incredibly kind and sensitive to our daughter’s struggle. We appreciate how well and how gently he communicate with her.


Feb 27, 2023

I feel my therapist is helping me and understands my problems


Feb 21, 2023

Very compassionate


Feb 19, 2023

Absolutely love Josh. Willow is really looking forward to meeting with him again. He made her feel safe.


Feb 12, 2023

Josh is so attentive and provides a lot of reassurance that my son needs


Feb 12, 2023

He was super friendly and made me feel very comfortable


Jan 30, 2023

Josh was very friendly and engaging. He put my son at ease right away. Looking forward to working with him.


Jan 17, 2023

My son connected immediately with Josh. He’s patient, gentle, understanding and fun. Although the process is tough, we’re making great progress dismantling OCD.


Jan 15, 2023

I was able to open up to him even though it is a hard thing for me to do.


Dec 08, 2022

We love Josh!!! Finally we have a therapist that listens, provides support, and gives us the tools we need to work through my son's OCD


Dec 07, 2022

I appreciated that he was able to meet with me right away. I have been wanting to seek help but I have trouble starting something new. If I don't start something quickly I back out of it when I get anxious.


Nov 27, 2022

Finally someone who specializes in where I can overcome with someone


Nov 21, 2022

We love Josh..he is very understanding and patient with my son.

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