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OCD therapist Toni Sands, Licensed Therapist, M.Ed., LPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Toni Sands


Licensed Therapist, M.Ed., LPC


My approach to OCD therapy is person-centered. I work to build a therapeutic alliance and create a safe environment where you can share, without judgment, what brings you to NOCD. When I'm not working, I enjoy being active, whether it’s outside in nature or at the gym. I also love spending time with my significant other and our three pets, eating great food, and being cozy at home with some movies or shows.

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You deserve to find relief from your distress. Healing is possible. I will support you in reclaiming the life you want to live.

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We all have the right to be seen and find healing. I experienced a life event that led me to seek support. Therapy changed my life, and I wanted to provide the same support I was given. Plus, I've always found people to be fascinating. I'm grateful to be allowed the space to be with others that are in need.

I understand the severity of OCD and have always found it fascinating. I'm also excited to practice such an effective form of treatment within a specific niche. I enjoy the diversity of the people I have the pleasure of working with and supporting them in reclaiming the life they want to live.

I am always interested in trauma. Like trauma, OCD can be very painful to live with and isolating for the person suffering. I appreciate the way that life can be so dramatically affected when struggling and how isolating it can feel. I believe healing is possible. People deserve to find relief from their distress.

Making an appointment to begin is an incredibly powerful step.

I understand. Fear is common when trying something new. However, please know that creating a safe space for you is my priority. To find healing, therapy is a collaborative process that requires active participation from you. Being transparent about your thoughts and feelings is important for therapy to work more effectively.

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What our members say about
Toni Sands


Apr 25, 2024

I’ve used NOCD in the past but after a difficult recent period in my life I decided to come back, my original therapist no longer worked here but I found it very easy to get set back up quickly, and I chose Toni Sands from the available therapists. I’m glad I did as she was brilliant, she is a truly great therapist, who does really listen, without judgement, and made me feel at ease and supported right away. Though you don’t have to, she helps you to share whatever it is you’re going through, and makes you feel like she is in your corner and really understands, because she deals with people who suffer like this all the time. She also didn’t push me to do things I wasn’t comfortable with yet. I totally recommend NOCD as a service, for ease of access to support, (I think I had a therapy session in less than a week after enquiring) and in particular, I want to thank Toni Sands who has made a huge difference to my quality of life.


Feb 28, 2024

Toni is literally helping to save my life and my future wellbeing. She is an amazing listener and incredibly smart and deserves whatever pay raise you can afford to give her (in my opinion). The world needs more people like Toni, and while my work isn’t done yet, I’m confident in her ability to help me get to where I want to be


Feb 17, 2024

I'm so grateful I was paired with Toni. She is so cool, loving, fun, welcoming, and professional. She held impeccable space for me. She was kind and challenged me to face my OCD head on. I have learned skills from her that will help me for the rest of my life. WORK WITH TONI! She's amazing and so good at what she does.


Dec 18, 2023

Couldn’t make the progress Im making without NOCD and my therapist Toni!


Nov 27, 2023

My therapist, Toni, is wondering and gives me positive support every step of the way.


Sep 21, 2023

It was good to meet Toni, she was very patient and understanding. I look forward to more sessions with her


Aug 25, 2023

I definitely learned some thing and felt we made a little progress today👏 Tony is amazing! I wish I could take her everywhere with me!!


Aug 21, 2023

Toni is incredibly supportive and validating, without reassuring and feeding into my OCD.


Aug 18, 2023

She is great! I love how I am understood for my problems and it’s relieving to be able to talk to someone that understands


Aug 03, 2023

I loved her! I felt totally comfortable talking to her, I look forward to our next session!


Jul 18, 2023

My therapist is very sweet and calming when I am going through a hard time. She's willing to listen and work with me and is very accepting of my sexuality and spiritual practices.


Jul 17, 2023

I used every "stress management" technique I knew to curb the intrusive thought and the gripping, overwhelming anxiety. When I realized that I could not meditate enough...I could not exercise enough...I could not journal enough... That's when I finally surrendered to help and found NOCD. I am so grateful to NOCD and my therapist. Thanks to therapy, homework, the app, videos, support groups, etc., I am learning so much about myself and gaining skills to combat my OCD. It really is an amazing space with so much info and support. I am beyond grateful for it.


Jul 03, 2023

Toni was very kind and understanding. I got confirmation from her that I didn’t know I needed.


Jun 14, 2023

All around great


May 26, 2023


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