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OCD therapist Shaniece Hopkins, Licensed Therapist, LCHMC, FCT Specialist, Licensed OCD Therapist

Shaniece Hopkins


Licensed Therapist, LCHMC, FCT Specialist


I’m very laid back and I try to encourage my members to steer the wheel. However, I’m very big on psychoeducation—education around your diagnosis will help you truly grasp the concepts at hand and make significant progress. We all have experienced mental health, and it impacts everyone differently. Your journey will never look the same as someone else’s. I love to educate myself and my members. So anytime I find something new that will be helpful, you can be sure that I will share with you. Knowledge is power!

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The most gratifying part of my job is helping my members. I take pride in my work, and I will be your biggest cheerleader.

Get to know Shaniece Hopkins

I truly enjoy working with people. I'm passionate about being able to support my members along their journey. The most gratifying part of my job is helping my members. I take pride in my work, and I will be your biggest cheerleader.

We all have experienced anxiety in our lives. Sometimes anxiety can become unmanageable. OCD really takes the things you love and use them against you. I want to help you to recognize that OCD is a liar. You can handle it and overcome it.

In addition to OCD, I have experience working with all ages, but my specialist area is children. I also am certified in trauma treatment, which has been my passion since day one. We were all children once, and we have all faced an event that has left an impression on our lives. Therapy helps to address those concerns and develop healthy and effective forms of coping with those distressing events.

Just be open and be yourself. That is all that matters.

Just understand that this is a big step for you. I’m already proud of you. Progression only happens when you get uncomfortable.

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North Carolina

What our members say about
Shaniece Hopkins


Jan 16, 2024

Have learned so much. Shaniece is so knowledgeable and has been a blessing!


Oct 17, 2023

Ms. Shaniece has been a pleasure to work with and highly effective working with my son. It is one of the best experiences we have encountered with therapy for my son.


Aug 20, 2023

My therapist was super nice and very understanding. I think that she will definitely be able to help me make some progress!


Jul 19, 2023

The therapy that I got to help with my ocd has been phenomenal. My therapist got me to face my ocd and use ERPs, which is what helps combat anyone’s ocd, and successfully brought down the amount of ocd that was interrupting my day to day tasks. I highly recommend ROCD to anyone who is suffering from ocd.


Jul 13, 2023

Always helps me feel like I am making progress


Jun 27, 2023

The sessions keep getting better each time, and this one left me feeling more hopeful then the last.


May 26, 2023

Great service


May 18, 2023

My 1st therapist visit ever. Very easy to talk to and super helpful. Can’t wait until the next session.


May 07, 2023

Shaniece is an incredible ERP guru who is showing me how to face, OCD, resist, compulsions, and recover my life


Mar 12, 2023

We liked her approach and are excited to begin therapy


Feb 22, 2023

So far she seems like one of the best and love and enjoy her upbeat humor too.


Feb 08, 2023

Love this platform!!


Jan 20, 2023

Great session with my amazing therapist

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