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OCD therapist Hannah Rodriguez, Licensed Therapist, MA, LPCC/LPC, NCC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Hannah Rodriguez


Licensed Therapist, MA, LPCC/LPC, NCC


I'm a very person-centered therapist. I provide a space that is safe and non-judgmental, where people can show up with whatever they have going on, and know that I'm going to be there to meet them. I'm not going to run away or get scared. You can bring anything to the table, and you'll be met with kindness, compassion, and empathy in every session, no matter what. A fun fact about me: I have started roller skating. I've seen so many parallels between therapy and roller skating. I keep going and keep trying, even though I fall. Knowing that I'll always get back up again is so freeing.

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In addition to helping provide tools and skills, I'm focused on showing people that they have someone on their team. This is a safe space where people feel cared for and nurtured, no matter what they're dealing with.

Get to know Hannah Rodriguez

I started my career in the business world, which was not very fun for me. I wanted to help people—that's where I found my passion. So I switched to helping professions and started as a school counselor. I wanted to help kids learn skills to help themselves, especially with their situations at home. To help them feel like, 'I've got this—I can learn how to help myself.'

Working with anxiety is what really brought me toward working with OCD. I see many people dealing with anxiety. I'm also a yoga teacher. Witnessing the impact of anxiety on the yoga mat really helped me recognize that I wanted to help people find relief and alleviate some of that pain. Learning more about OCD, and how locked-in and trapped people with OCD can feel, made me want to provide help and freedom from those symptoms.

I've been a therapist for about nine years. A lot of my work has been with anxiety and depression, trauma, bipolar disorder, and a couple of other specialized areas. I also teach yoga for addiction, substance abuse, and mental health relief. In addition to helping provide tools and skills, I'm focused on showing people that they have someone on their team. One of my biggest strengths is being able to provide a safe space where people feel cared for and nurtured, no matter what they're dealing with.

Come in as authentically as possible. I understand that can be hard at times. Often we don't have any spaces where we can show up authentically unless we're given that permission. Give yourself permission to be who you are. Know that I'm here as a resource to witness you as you are and to help you get better in the path you would like. I am here on your team, and we'll move forward together.

Fear can definitely have a tight grip. Know that it's okay to feel that fear. We all have fears. I can give you a little psychoeducation around fear and help you understand that we're working to overcome fear. It doesn't have to be a roadblock. We can learn the tools to witness the fear and learn there can be guidance within it.

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What our members say about
Hannah Rodriguez


Jan 18, 2024

Ms. Hannah is the best therapist I've had!


Oct 16, 2023

Luci states she feels the therapy has been very helpful and she likes her therapist a lot :-)


Sep 09, 2023



Aug 20, 2023

So appreciative of our therapist’s knowledge base and caring nature.


Jul 20, 2023

Hannah was amazing! She was warm and welcoming. My son felt very comfortable talking to her right from the start!


Mar 22, 2023

My therapist, (Hannah) is very professional, kind, respectful, and cares about my progress to improve and teach me information that I need to get the best results in maintaining my OCD.


Mar 20, 2023

She gave helpful tips to try and encouraged me in a supportive caring way.


Feb 28, 2023

Hannah is so wonderful! She is the first therapist (and there have been more than a few!) that our tween has been comfortable and willing to engage with. So grateful we found NOCD and Hannah!


Jan 19, 2023

Big thanks to Hannah for helping me come along this far!


Dec 27, 2022

good session


Dec 08, 2022

Hannah has been great and is helping me find new ways to challenge myself and get my OCD under control.


Oct 17, 2022

Hannah is amazing, seeing a lot of progress


Oct 03, 2022

My son still feel very apprehensive about OCD, but he was able to share openly with Hannah and she conveyed warmth and confidence that she can help him which makes me feel optimistic.


Sep 27, 2022

distinction between ocd from ptsd, and how to detect which one is being trigger in my life.


Sep 24, 2022

Hannah is very knowledgeable, sensitive, and good at conveying information.


Sep 05, 2022

Hannah is very knowledgeable and has a great way of presenting information in a calming and affirmative way.

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