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OCD therapist Jendaya Clark, Licensed Therapist, LCPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Jendaya Clark


Licensed Therapist, LCPC


I am a patient, warm, and understanding therapist. I challenge members to be able to do the work of therapy in a supportive, comfortable environment. When I'm not doing therapy, I am trying to learn French and Creole. So far I have two plants, and I'm hoping to become more of a plant mom.

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In therapy, if there are some areas that feel really uncomfortable to you, know that we will be walking that path together. You will not have to go it alone.

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  • United Healthcare / Optum
  • Humana
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Independence Blue Cross (IBC)



What our members say about
Jendaya Clark


Jan 19, 2024

I am slowly making progress. My fears are slowing me down. My therapist is the best.


Jan 12, 2024

Baby steps!


Dec 26, 2023

This was an extremely helpful session. I had a difficult week and knew I needed to discuss some important topics with my therapist, which we did. I felt immensely better after the session.


Sep 06, 2023

Jendaya is really helping me through a period of intense anxiety with patience and compassion and still keeping me accountable for tracking my compulsions and rituals even when it feels extra difficult. My anxiety levels always feel reduced after our sessions.


Jul 20, 2023

Everything above is what I would say about Jendaya and my session. Very calm. Need to talk some more to see how things are going to go.


Jul 19, 2023

My therapist helped me so much with the issues that I have been facing in my life. Im so grateful that she was there for me to listen to all of my issues and help me process my emotions.


Jul 18, 2023

Everything above is what I would say about Jenjaja and my session. Need to talk to her a couple more times to see how things are going to go.


Jul 17, 2023

I have been working with my therapist for about a month and a half and I’ve noticed significant progress with my OCD symptoms. While recovering from OCD is a daily challenge, I’ve felt supported by my therapist throughout and she has helped me uncover what is fueling my anxiety and OCD so that I can recover faster. She also has provided plenty of helpful tips and is open to answering any questions that I have about recovery.


Jul 14, 2023

Incredibly kind, professional, and helpful.


Jun 27, 2023

Incredibly calm and welcoming demeanor. I look forward to working with Jendaya. Thank you for listening!


Apr 18, 2023

I had a great session


Mar 30, 2023

My therapist is amazing! She is an excellent listener and is able to help me clarify my own thought patterns to better understand them. Our sessions are focused and well organized


Mar 22, 2023

Thank you!


Feb 23, 2023

Great job as always


Feb 21, 2023

Helpful and insightful


Feb 01, 2023

Fun and engaging


Jan 25, 2023

Great job today worked on issues I didn’t even realize I had


Jan 19, 2023

Amazing helped me remember how to feel good and content again

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