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OCD therapist Tracie Howell, Licensed Therapist, LMFT, Licensed OCD Therapist

Tracie Howell


Licensed Therapist, LMFT

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I consider myself to be a mentor, with the ability to create positive relationships with members looking for guidance. You'll find me open and direct with a move-forward approach. The biggest thing I want to get across is that you're not alone in your fight. This is the time for you to make a giant leap forward in your life.

Know that therapy is a process. Don't be scared of it, and know that I will be there to help you through it.

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Insurance Coverages

  • Magellan
  • Anthem Blue Cross - Medicaid
  • United Healthcare / Optum
  • Humana
  • Cigna



What our members say about
Tracie Howell


Jun 02, 2023

Rosa creates a space that allows me to be open, honest, comfortable and validated without judgement.


May 25, 2023

My daughter loves Tracie and feels so comfortable working with her.


May 18, 2023

Tracie is the best. I have made so much progress. And she is total sweetheart.


May 16, 2023

I’m so lucky to have Tracie as my Therapist! She’s fabulous!


Apr 27, 2023

We started with one issue and other issues came to the service. I feel safe with Tracie.


Apr 11, 2023

After having a few setbacks, Tracy was there for me, assuring me that everything will be okay. I needed that.


Apr 05, 2023

I felt my therapist provided me with actionable steps to help myself with my struggles. I also felt validated for my progress and I am motivated to keep going.


Mar 28, 2023

Tracie is a wonderful therapist. She is always ready to help with any issues I’m having and we work together to find solutions.


Mar 12, 2023

Made me feel very comfortable


Feb 28, 2023

Another great session with Tracie!


Feb 21, 2023

The best


Feb 14, 2023

Tracie is wonderful! I always feel heard during our sessions together.


Jan 31, 2023

Tracie is very insightful about my problems with OCD. I really learn a lot from our sessions together.


Jan 24, 2023

She’s amazing in every way


Jan 17, 2023

Tracie is fantastic and really listens to me.


Jan 17, 2023

I love her!


Jan 17, 2023

Tracie is a wonderful therapist. I wish I had found her earlier in my OCD life. So glad she’s with me now!


Jan 16, 2023

Tracie is the best


Jan 15, 2023

My therapist was great at listening to what I’m experiencing. I’m very optimistic that she is going to be the reason I’m able to change my life!


Jan 14, 2023

Instant connection. Wonderful natural comfortable knowledgeable vibe.


Jan 06, 2023

Tracie is awesome!


Dec 15, 2022

First session with Tracie went great. 🥳


Dec 13, 2022

My son really enjoys his session with Tracie


Dec 13, 2022

Tracie is an amazing therapist. She’s always empathetic and has wonderful advice about dealing with OCD.


Dec 06, 2022

I always enjoy my sessions with Tracie. I’ve made great progress in therapy and I think someday, I’ll have control over my OCD. Thanks Tracie for helping me get through this tough journey.


Nov 29, 2022

Whenever I’m having some difficult moments, Tracie is there to tell me it’s okay that things are not okay. Thanks Tracie.


Nov 19, 2022

She was amazing! She gave us hope for our daughter.


Nov 15, 2022

Tracie is my first therapist, and I would have chosen therapy long ago if I had known about her! She is truly wonderful and I’m making great progress because of her.


Nov 08, 2022

Another great session with Tracie! She listens to me, and more importantly, she hears me.


Oct 24, 2022

My daughter has resisted talking to other therapist and she likes Tracy. She is meeting my daughter where she is at and bonding with her building a good working foundation.


Oct 18, 2022

Tracie is wonderful! I’m so glad she’s my therapist. She always has so many great ideas for my OCD questions.


Oct 11, 2022

I don’t know what I would do without Tracie. I made a wonderful choice when I chose her as a Therapist.


Oct 04, 2022

Another great session with Tracie!


Sep 27, 2022

Tracie and I talked about taking baby steps when dealing with certain exposures that are difficult for me. She is very encouraging when talking me through the hard ones. She makes me feel like everything will be okay. Thanks Tracie!


Sep 20, 2022

Tracie always makes me feel like I can win over OCD! We talk about exposures I can deal with, and the ones I can’t, but I never feel pressured into doing an exercise I’m not comfortable with. Small steps at a time! Thanks, Tracie.


Sep 19, 2022

Tracie is so wonderful. She truly makes my son feel heard, understood, and that he’s not alone in his thoughts. She gives him so much hope. His spirits are ways up after he speaks with her.


Sep 13, 2022

I look forward to my sessions with Tracie. I always feel like she’s got my back with OCD.


Sep 06, 2022

Tracie listens, never judges and is always supportive of my smallest accomplishments. Thank you,Tracie!


Aug 23, 2022

Tracie is wonderful! I am very pleased with our sessions, getting to the root causes of my OCD and working towards overcoming compulsions.


Aug 18, 2022

Tracie was very open about what therapy would look and feel like. I am looking forward to our sessions.


Jul 27, 2022

Absolutely wonderful.


Jul 14, 2022

Thank You


Apr 02, 2022

Tracie is an amazing therapist and truly dedicated to helping her patients achieve success.


Dec 16, 2021

I like talking to my therapist she keeps me on my toes


Dec 13, 2021

Tracie is one of the most caring therapist. She really is into want to know your really situation to help understand it and become stringer. thank k you

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