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OCD therapist Deanne Johnson, Licensed Therapist, LPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Deanne Johnson


Licensed Therapist, LPC


As a therapist, the most important thing for me to do is develop a rapport and a feeling of safety with my members. I want to understand your interests and concerns. I really am interested in who you are as a person and in helping you regain confidence in yourself. Outside of therapy, I enjoy writing. I love to write poetry and short stories.

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The work you put in—your commitment to therapy—is what determines the outcome of treatment. As long as you're fully present for sessions, and your homework is being done consistently, you will see improvement.

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As long as I can remember, I've attracted people who need help. People naturally gravitate toward me for that reason. And I've always felt comfortable providing that help. The most gratifying part of my job is being able to see members grow, to see them get happier as the days go on. They become a lot more functional, and you get to see their true personalities as they start to heal.

A friend of mine suffers from OCD. Firsthand, I got to witness how difficult it was for him. I really wanted to learn more about OCD and how to help people regain their functionality. ERP is very effective. It is very concrete, which I love—you can actually see tangible results and watch a person develop from day one. It is one of the most effective forms of therapy I've worked with in my career.

Trauma and anxiety, particularly trauma in inner-city youth. Throughout my experience, I have learned that anxiety often comes as a result of trauma.

The work you put in—your commitment to therapy—is what determines the outcome of treatment. As long as you're fully present for sessions, and your homework is being done consistently, you will see improvement.

Please let me know. Don't be afraid to express that you feel afraid to share thoughts with me. If I don't know that, there's not much I can do. But if I do know, I can work to help you feel safe and able to share your concerns.

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District Of Columbia
New Mexico
Rhode Island

What our members say about
Deanne Johnson


Nov 24, 2023

Dr. Johnson is amazing! She is so compassionate and encouraging and is teaching me the tools I need to overcome my problems.


Nov 17, 2023

I feel that I can handle most OCD situations that arise on my own, as I now have the tools, but I know my amazing therapist is there if I need a refresher or some moral support.


Oct 22, 2023

Deanne is such a good therapist! She never makes me feel judged and always makes me feel heard. She helps me through my exposures with kindness and knowledge!


Feb 03, 2023

She is always amazing! All around


Jan 27, 2023

I feel so happy to work with my therapist. Each experience gives me hope and my therapist is so experienced and great!


Dec 27, 2022

I felt heard


Dec 20, 2022

She is so smart, so understandind and so sweet. I can say for certain that she is the best care provider I have ever dealt with in my whole life.


Nov 16, 2022

Warm vibe and great in take session


Jun 11, 2022

Thank you for your support!


Jun 02, 2022

I feel that I am being helped with a long held fear. Thank you!


May 26, 2022

I am feeling optimistic about my progress!


May 20, 2022

I have felt anxiety ebbing about things I have been very anxious about! Thank you! ☺️


May 05, 2022

I’m feeling more control from my OCD. Thank you! ☺️


Apr 28, 2022

I would like to thank my therapist for the amazing work she is doing. I never felt as " heared" and "understood" before.


Apr 28, 2022

I feel relief and optimistic about the future and I have just begun :).


Apr 21, 2022

My therapist was kind and thoughtful in her approach to help me. I feel comfortable and happy to be working with her. Thank you!


Apr 14, 2022

My therapist was very kind and understanding. Her feedback was very clear and helpful. I feel encouraged that this will help me find relief and help me gain control over my OCD.

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