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OCD therapist Rain Wald, Licensed Therapist, MC, LMFT, Licensed OCD Therapist

Rain Wald

Licensed Therapist, MC, LMFT


My approach to treating OCD is to join with the person I am working with and utilize the most effective strategies to facilitate the greatest degree of growth. When working with OCD, my philosophy is that we have to be in partnership to work toward treating and overcoming it. When I’m not at work, I enjoy hiking with friends, long walks with my dog, hanging out with my daughters, or sitting in a quiet corner reading a good book.

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We are meant to pursue life with the tools we acquire, not to be trapped by unreasonable fears.

Get to know Rain Wald

I chose to be a therapist because I struggled with isolation while growing up in a family enveloped in mental illness and substance abuse. Feeling alone while hoping that a chaotic situation would be normalized was paralyzing. Because I had no one, I wanted to be there for others who needed help on their path. It's truly an honor to work with people who have the courage to recognize that they need help and reach out to get it.

OCD is a complex, ever-evolving disorder that attempts to steal a person's life from them. We are meant to pursue life with the tools we acquire, not to be trapped by unreasonable fears. Being on someone’s journey as they grow and transform across the therapeutic process is both challenging and rewarding.

My other areas of clinical focus are mood disorders (anxiety and depression, both unipolar and bipolar), autism spectrum disorders, substance use disorders, academic disorders in K-12 students, and couples counseling.

Know that starting any therapy can be intimidating: It's new, and you're going to be uncomfortable. However, that discomfort is a necessary component of getting where you want to be. It's also important to understand that growth isn't always a straight upward arrow. Dips should be anticipated; they're part of your overall growth and the success of your journey.

Remind yourself that I'm not here to judge you, but to walk with you on your path until you're ready to go it without me.

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What our members say about
Rain Wald


Apr 29, 2024

I can't say enough good things about working with Rain. She's fun, upbeat, and encouraging. But also - she's smart, practical, knowledgable, understanding, and empathetic. She explains things to me in a straightforward way, and calls out things I need to hear (as she knows that I respond well to that type of feedback.) I truly feel fortunate to have been able to find a therapist that I have as good a match with, and who takes the time to understand and truly see me, and meet me where I am.


Apr 16, 2024

Rain is so encouraging, empathetic and understanding. She proves she really cares, listens, and wants to set me up for success. I'm seeing progress and it's really encouraging.


Apr 09, 2024

Rain is a wonderful therapist; she's empathetic, understanding, relatable, and down to earth. She made me feel comfortable from our very first session and I'm really thankful that I've found her. She is patient and explains things in a way that's understandable. By using the tools she's already shared with me and talking through my obsessions in a safe, supportive environment, I am already seeing the benefits of therapy at work.


Dec 19, 2023

Rain has helped me recognize and reduce my compulsions DRASTICALLY. Rumination used to feel automatic, now it actively feels like a choice I choose not to make. This is huge for me!


Dec 05, 2023

Even after two weeks my improvement and emotional stability are marked. I still have background anxiety, but I am confident I can get on the other side of this and be better for it.


Nov 30, 2023

We focus on ERP every session, and I am provided with the tools and advice to stay on track. I feel a smidge of happiness and hope for the first time in a while.


Nov 28, 2023

I feel confident in recovery for the first time in a while. Rain is sensitive and professional. She makes sure I stay focused on the ERP work.

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