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OCD therapist Kelli Ezell, Licensed Therapist,, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Kelli Ezell

Licensed Therapist,, LCSW


My approach to treating OCD is rooted in compassion and an unwavering concern for others. I strive to instill courage, empowering individuals to navigate beyond their comfort zones, tackle obstacles, and stand up for their beliefs and values. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling with my husband, often to places with nature and waterfalls. I find great joy in connecting with new or old friends, reading my Bible, and taking walks in my neighborhood.

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Please know you are not alone in your OCD. I—and so many others—have experienced similar thoughts and struggles. I’m here to support you. We’ll navigate this journey together.

Get to know Kelli Ezell

I have a genuine desire to help others and have a passion for facilitating positive change. Mental health is a captivating field; it holds significant importance in our overall well-being. I wanted to be a part of that.

Having experienced OCD as a child, I developed a profound interest in the subject. I feel privileged to support others who face similar challenges.

I have experience working with individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, and personality disorders across diverse populations and settings, including children, adolescents, and adults.

Embrace a sense of commitment and dedication toward your goals and what truly matters to you. Be kind to yourself, practice patience, and make courage your armor.

I understand how difficult it can be to share your thoughts and feelings. Please know you are not alone in this. I—and so many others—have experienced similar thoughts and struggles. Take comfort in the fact I’m here to support you, and we’ll navigate this journey together.

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  • Beacon Health (Medi-cal)
  • Kaiser - Southern California Region
  • Magellan
  • Independence Blue Cross (IBC)



What our members say about
Kelli Ezell


Apr 05, 2024

Kelli has been such a huge help with my trichotillomania journey. I have gone from pulling daily with no hope in sight to rarely pulling and continuing to get better every day. I couldn't have asked for a better therapist to help me on my journey to stop pulling.


Dec 20, 2023

Kellie and I are kicking butt. Now on to the next step to recovery. I’m so jazzed about my progress.


Dec 12, 2023

Session was great. Progress is excellent. Going from 2x a week to 1x. Feel great and excited over results. It’s been over a year with NOCD. Came from no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel, to being in the light.


Nov 18, 2023

I’m making a lot of progress. I feel good about myself overcoming a 55 year old habit. Kelli is outstanding. She keeps me on point. It’s amassing how it works.


Oct 18, 2023

Pushes me to do my best in a kind and compassionate way


Sep 05, 2023

Really enjoyed of my session today looking for the treatment


Aug 31, 2023

She is always very helpful and so kind. I trust her so much. 💯


Aug 28, 2023

Very kind and compassionate!


Aug 24, 2023

She is very compassionate!


Aug 18, 2023

She is the best! 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿


Aug 14, 2023

She is always kind and attentive. 👍🏽


Aug 07, 2023

She is very friendly and very knowledgeable. Like I’ve known her for a long time. She is very kind.

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