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OCD therapist Gary Vandalfsen, Licensed Therapist, Psychologist, PhD, Licensed OCD Therapist

Gary Vandalfsen


Licensed Therapist, Psychologist, PhD


I've been working as a therapist for decades. I feel very fortunate working with NOCD, because I believe I'm in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. I see people transform their lives every day. It's an amazing experience.

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I realize I'm asking you to do something really scary, and really hard. I will give you the experience of having somebody alongside you every step of the way. I hope you find me to be a combination of compassionate, direct, and challenging—with encouragement all along the way. You can stand up to this.

Get to know Gary Vandalfsen

It took a while to get here. Originally, I didn't really know exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I realized money and status weren't really appealing to me. What did appeal to me was something that felt meaningful—the idea of helping people make it through really challenging times in their lives, when they most need help. I went for it, and it's been an amazing fit. I've never looked back.

It's an underserved population, and ERP is such an effective treatment. I had my first experience working with somebody with OCD when I started working as a therapist in private practice in 1993. I sought out a mentor who guided me through my first experience doing ERP. The change in this woman's life—I could still tell you about most of the ERP sessions we had, it was that vivid and that impactful. About a decade ago, I was thinking about changes I'd like to make. I realized I really wanted to get back to that thing that was so invigorating at the beginning of my career. I spent a week at the University of Pennsylvania's Center for the Treatment Study of Anxiety, focusing exclusively on state-of-the-art training for OCD. I came out of there inspired and decided I was going to radically change the nature of my practice, to focus on people with OCD. Since coming to NOCD, I've been given lots of great education and training on BFRBs (body-focused repetitive behaviors), tics and hoarding. And now I really enjoy working with those as well.

I have a lot of experience working with people with anxiety disorders of various types—social phobia, generalized anxiety, panic disorder, and other phobias. I grew up a really anxious kid. But I didn't have anybody to talk to or any way to talk about that. I did a lot of suffering in silence, with a lot of avoidance and compulsive behaviors. That gives me a lot of empathy and compassion for people who are going through the same thing. It's very fulfilling to help people get through circumstances when they really need help.

I realize I'm asking you to do something really scary, and really hard. I will give you the experience of having somebody alongside you every step of the way. I also want to challenge you, because I know that the natural thing is to pull back from the things that seem scary, but that is so limiting to your life. I hope you find me to be a combination of compassionate, direct and challenging—with encouragement all along the way.

You can tell me that. This happens often - people say, 'There are some things I just don't feel comfortable talking about.' I do a pretty good job of helping people provide some words on those uncomfortable things. I talk about what other people have really struggled with, then how freeing it was once they were able to say it out loud. For a lot of people, putting it out there is half the battle. Then you lose the shame, the fear. You almost visibly see the relief that starts to happen when people get out of that prison of shame. You can stand up to this. These are just thoughts. But that's not going to happen until you're willing to face those fears.

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What our members say about
Gary Vandalfsen


Jan 06, 2024

I can’t thank Gary enough for all the help he’s already provided!! He’s always open to questions and pushes me and really encourages me to get the most out of the therapy, which requires a LOT of work on my part. He’s amazing!!


Oct 18, 2023

Great therapist.


Oct 04, 2023

Gary made me feel incredibly comfortable & at ease. I was able to share openly & he was very informative and knowledgeable.


Sep 27, 2023

Gary is a fantastic therapist. He listens to me and makes me feel like he truly cares for my health and happiness.


Sep 15, 2023

Gary is the best!


Sep 13, 2023

Gary is an incredible therapist to work through OCD therapy and ERP. He is kind, non-judgemental and he really helps to make sure I'm an active participant in our sessions!


Jul 12, 2023

Gary is a wonderful therapist with extensive training in OCD. I often find myself repeating his mantras. He pushed me out of my comfort zone but also met me where I was. He was very sweet and understanding when my life got in the way of therapy appointments and I had to watch my daughter simultaneously. Thank you Gary!


Jun 16, 2023

Extremely helpful session. Thank you.


Apr 17, 2023

Gary is extremely good at what he does and does it with kindness and compassion.


Jan 07, 2023

When I started with Gary Vandalfsen I was at the lowest point I’ve ever been. OCD was negatively affecting my relationships, had caused me to go into a deep depression and left me feeling like a shell of my former self. OCD had caused my entire world to shrink, so much so that I just wanted to stay in bed. After only a few weeks of working with Gary Vandalfsen I was beginning to see significant change. Today, my relationships are healthy, my depression has significantly reduced, and I feel joy and hope in my life. Gary Vandalfsen Is kind, straightforward, and invested in your success. He shares in your joy when you make improvements and pushes you to succeed. Could not recommend enough and I am incredibly grateful to him for truly helping me to live again.


Dec 21, 2022

Gary is an insightful and consciensus therapist and he cares about his patients.


Dec 07, 2022

Gary is best in the business!


Nov 29, 2022

Gary is very knowledgeable and always encourage me to keep trying.


Nov 15, 2022

Great first session with Gary!


Oct 07, 2022

Gary is Awesome!


Apr 19, 2022

Gary is very patient and kind He understands anxiety and ocd well I would recommend this app and him highly


Mar 09, 2022

My therapist Gary is a true professional He is kind and patient and I see how my sessions are truly helping


Jan 27, 2022

Gary is always patient and makes me feel heard He comes across caring -patient - friendly and approachable

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