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Licensed Therapist, LCSW, PPSC


First and foremost, I want you to feel like you're heard and not judged. You're not alone in this; there is help. I will help you build confidence and a new skill set—you can develop the skills to live a really healthy life. A fun fact about me: My new self-care activity is transforming a Ford Transit so my husband and I can spend time in nature and settle back into the universe. It's a beautiful thing.

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Know that it's normal to be scared, and it's normal to feel uncomfortable. But the more you push past discomfort, the more you'll be able to gain more comfort and confidence. At NOCD, where you are is exactly where you need to be.

Get to know LISA DE GUZMAN

I'm 20 years into my experience in the mental health field, and I've gone through my own personal journey. I have my own experience with OCD, and part of why I became a therapist is to guide people through the journey that I took myself—helping people to reach a place of awareness and understanding, and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I live with anxiety and a mild form of OCD. As a therapist, I wanted to learn more about OCD specifically. It's such a specialized population to work with; it's such a unique experience, and there aren't enough therapists who are able to treat it.

In my career, I have developed an intensive outpatient program that specializes in anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and depression. Outside of OCD, those are the four primary conditions I have experience treating.

ERP is an evidence-based practice. NOCD gives therapists a high degree of expertise and training, and that translates into the experiences of our members. I will put you first—you will be able to gain a skill set in an environment where you're not judged. If you put in the effort, you will see results. And NOCD offers a lot of other resources, including an app for around-the-clock support and consistent practice between sessions.

Know that it's normal to be scared; it's normal to feel uncomfortable. But the more you push past discomfort, the more you'll be able to gain more comfort. You may feel a lack of confidence—perhaps people have put you down before. But even if something didn't work before, it may work today. You may have a different therapist or be in a different environment, but at NOCD, where you are is exactly where you need to be.

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New York

What our members say about


Dec 18, 2023

Lisa is an incredible therapist because she helps me every week to become my own ERP therapist. Living with OCD means the most powerful tools are ones you carry with you daily and she has given me countless tools & resources. She is also very caring, a great listener and I manage to laugh every session. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her and I am forever grateful for her!


Oct 23, 2023

Lisa is great! She's been supportive and helps me celebrate my wins. She also has been educating me about great tools to respond to intrusive thoughts and handle anxiety.


Aug 29, 2023

I am so happy to be working with Lisa. I had a great session today. I am making progress with the erp exercises and resisting compulsions. Lisa is the best therapist I have ever had!


Aug 21, 2023

Grateful to be working with Lisa


Aug 03, 2023

Lisa is the best !


Jul 20, 2023

Lisa is an amazing therapist. She really makes me feel seen and heard. She has made a significant impact in my recovery journey!


Jun 06, 2023

Lisa is the best therapist I have ever had. I am really grateful that I have been learning my ERP skills from her. Lisa is excellent!


May 16, 2023

Lisa is the best therapist I have ever had. ERP is not easy. Lisa is helping me so much and nudging me when she needs to. I’m grateful to have her guiding me in this journey.


May 10, 2023

Lisa continues to be amazing


May 01, 2023

Lisa is excellent I am learning so much from her. Glad she is my therapist. Lisa is the best!


Apr 26, 2023

We love Lisa!


Apr 12, 2023

Lisa is excellent! I am definitely making gains against my OCD from working with her. ERP is not easy but it is worth it. I am grateful to be learning from Lisa she is the best!


Mar 29, 2023

So grateful to have Lisa as my therapist. Excellent feel very good about today’s meeting. I am so glad Lisa is my therapist she is the best! Working with her she is going to give me the right tools to be able to move forward and take on this OCD.


Mar 21, 2023

Lisa is excellent. I feel positive about working with her. This journey is not an easy one but it is definitely worth it. I’m grateful to have Lisa guiding me through this.


Mar 20, 2023



Mar 14, 2023

I had my second session with Lisa today. I had been working with a therapist from here since September but they left. I was so concerned about finding the right match to continue therapy. I am so grateful I am placed with Lisa! She is giving me the tools I need to grow and learn. Lisa is excellent! She knows so much and explained some things to me I did not consciously realize I do as compulsions. I feel so positive about working with Lisa! I am going to get stronger with the knowledge and information she is giving me to fight this OCD. I am very glad to be working with Lisa!


Mar 07, 2023

I had my first session with Lisa today. I am feeling really good about getting the chance to work with her. She has a very good vibe. Lisa has already put a plan together for me to battle this OCD. Definitely glad I connected with her. I feel she will be an excellent therapist in this journey.


Feb 10, 2023

if I could put more stars I would!!!


Feb 09, 2023

Lisa is simply the best


Jan 20, 2023

I really admire my therapist. She is great. I feel relieved every time I have a session


Jan 04, 2023

Honestly, Lisa is amazing:. So thankful for her guidance, expertise and kindness as we navigate this as a family.


Nov 17, 2022

By far the best therapist I've ever had.


Jul 28, 2022

Lisa de guzman is an incredible therapist

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