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OCD therapist Melanie Copeland, Licensed Therapist, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Melanie Copeland

Licensed Therapist, LCSW


I believe creating a safe place is the starting place of treatment. I care about who you are as a person as much as why you are here for therapy. You are more than your diagnosis. My approach to treating OCD includes acceptance and working to build trust to create the foundation on which I can support members in attaining their therapeutic goals. When I'm not working, I love spending time with my family. My son and daughter both keep me on my toes with their incredible sense of humor, love of music, and playful spirits. I also enjoy traveling, journaling, sitting in nature, and watching documentaries.

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I will walk with you at your pace, and we'll find solutions together as a team. You are not alone, and you'll be supported through the entire journey.

Get to know Melanie Copeland

As early as elementary school, I wanted to help others through life difficulties. I would play therapist with my younger sibling, who was always a willing client. I was often the friend my peers would talk with when they were struggling with an issue. I decided to pursue a career that aligned with my desire to help others navigate life challenges. Life can sometimes be hard. I wanted to create a safe space where I could help others process what they were dealing with in ways that honored their strengths and resilience.

Those who struggle with OCD can often feel alone, set apart from their peers, and overwhelmed. In some cases, it can interfere with everyday work and personal life. Exposure and response prevention therapy is an effective treatment. NOCD’s mission to help people regain quality of life aligns with my goal to help others overcome what's hindered them and live their best lives. It's an honor to be a part of the treatment journey and the NOCD team.

My journey as a clinical social worker has spanned more than 25 years. I’ve had the opportunity to work in school settings with youth and adolescents, with clients diagnosed with chronic mental illness, and with people adapting to medical diagnoses such as cancer and HIV/AIDS. I’ve been fortunate to work with young adults as well as the older population. I’ve worked with people who've struggled with depression, anxiety, adjustment disorder, ADHD, grief, and other persistent mental health disorders.

Starting therapy can feel scary, particularly when you're connecting with someone you’ve never met to talk about personal, difficult things. That is normal and OK. I will walk with you at your pace, and we'll find solutions together as a team. You are not alone, and you'll be supported through the entire journey.

Tell me that you're afraid. I get it; I've been afraid to share too. That makes us both human. We can take our time. I want to earn your trust. When you begin to feel safe and share your thoughts and feelings, I will always honor them without judgment. You'll find that even though you're afraid, you're also brave.

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What our members say about
Melanie Copeland


Apr 19, 2024

Melanie is professional and compassionate. She’s understanding but also effective at knowing when to listen and when to get down to business and work on kicking OCD’s behind. She’s great!


Mar 26, 2024

Melanie Copeland did a fantastic job of letting me know this is a safe place to totally be honest and be yourself even if you are having a rough day. I came into this session feeling a little nervous and emotional. I cried for a few minutes and she reassured me that was ok and she wants me to feel free to be my authentic self. She made me feel comfortable. She’s has helped me a lot already.


Mar 22, 2024

My therapist is absolutely AMAZING! Whenever I leave therapy, I feel like a million dollars walking! She makes me feel heard and validated. She always has time to discuss problem areas in my life and empowers me to solve my problems. NOCD has been life changing!


Feb 20, 2024

I came into this session feeling very depressed ( I have other mental issues) and Melanie made me feel so comfortable. I was feeling overwhelmed and by the time the session was ending I was smiling again. She really gets me and remembers things I tell her in past sessions. I’m learning a lot. 5 stars for Melanie Copeland.


Feb 08, 2024

Melanie listens so well and helps me put my random crazy thoughts together. We are a great match and we have 3 more sessions booked. Melanie Copeland is very good at digging deep but making sure you feel safe and I know I can trust her.

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