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OCD therapist Bill McKeon, Licensed Therapist, MSW, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Bill McKeon


Licensed Therapist, MSW, LCSW


As a therapist, I take time to truly listen to a person's experience and ensureI understand what they want to achieve. From the beginning to the end of treatment, I discuss what we're doing and why we're doing it. I want the people I'm serving to feel informed and be a partner in our work together. Outside of work, I enjoy being outdoors, listening to music, and playing guitar. I love spending time with my children, cooking meals for my family, and tinkering in the yard.

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Helping others get their life back is wonderful to witness. We have more power over our minds than we give ourselves credit for.

Get to know Bill McKeon

From a very young age, I was fascinated by what individuals and societies do, and why we do it. I wanted to understand the human mind and humanity's place in the universe. I also wanted to pursue a vocation that positively impacted our world. As I became a therapist, and actually saw the positive impact on people's lives, I realized I could never be anything but a therapist.

OCD is one of the most crippling conditions I have ever seen as a therapist. The stigma around OCD makes those symptoms entrenched and difficult to manage. I have seen many people succeed in shifting their mindset and behavior to manage OCD and other severe mental health conditions effectively. Helping others get their life back is wonderful to witness. We have more power over our minds than we give ourselves credit for.

My experience includes working with populations struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, substance abuse disorders, and attention deficit disorders. Severe and persistent mental health issues are truly restricting and debilitating. They affect not only the people struggling with them but their family members and communities.

You are about to receive evidence-based, best-practice treatment by highly qualified providers working for a company that is highly professional, organized, and truly focused on the people it serves.

As a therapist, I take a non-judgmental stance with everyone I work with. If you're hesitant to share thoughts with me, please remember that my role is to support, encourage, and educate, not judge or criticize. I will hold whatever you want to share—and whatever you don't want to share—with the utmost respect. Let's start by having a conversation about why you might be reluctant to share.

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New Mexico

What our members say about
Bill McKeon


Jan 24, 2024

I really trust Bill and and enjoy our sessions. He is excellent about responding to me in a timely manner as well when I reach out. Zero issues with scheduling – everything is done, professionally and consistently. Still plenty of work to do but I’m in the right place.


Sep 27, 2023

While it was short due to my schedule. Bill made it work, I feel better even with the brief time I had. I’m honored to have his help!


Sep 22, 2023

Game changing


Sep 14, 2023

Thanks for your help today :)


Aug 31, 2023

Unbelievable how this works. Life changing.


Aug 29, 2023

Thanks to Bill for helping me out after a hard weekend 🙂


Aug 16, 2023

I was having a very hard day and William was able to help me cope & feel better thanks to some new tools in my OCD toolbox


Aug 10, 2023

amazing therapist


Jul 27, 2023

Yeah man, William was great!


Jul 18, 2023

Great first session with Bill. He took time to understand my OCD and probe even further to get to the root. Feeling good about the next sessions and ERP helping me overcome my OCD.


Jul 10, 2023

Basically did the intake stuff. I look forward to the journey of recovery!!

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