OCD therapist Aswini Mathew, Master of Social Work, MSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Aswini Mathew

Master of Social Work, MSW • (She/Her)

Mahatma Gandhi University

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My experience with treating OCD:

I have 7 total years treating people for anxiety, depression, and trauma. Now with specialized training from NOCD, I can treat your OCD using Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy. I have 2 years under my belt as a licensed social worker in Canada as a social worker, with additional 5 years of experience in India. I use a client-centered approach that treats you and not your OCD symptoms, using effective tools through ERP therapy.


About Me

I value my client-centered approach to treatment, to give you a personalized experience from session to session. I adapt to your needs, and I will never force any type of exercise onto you. Your suggestions and feedback help drive treatment because, in the end, I want to make you comfortable with your experience. It’s important to build a strong rapport with you, so you can feel safe opening up about the intrusive thoughts and feelings that have challenged you for some time. I’ve received great feedback that people find it easy to communicate with me. I’m a great listener and will validate everything you disclose to me. Your experiences matter, and with some hard work, I’m prepared to get you closer to your goal of overcoming OCD.

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