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Michelle Meadows


Licensed Therapist, LPC


I began my career in the military and eventually moved into mental health because I’m driven to help people in my community. I love working with the military and their families, but whatever your background is, I want to walk alongside you on your journey as your guide to recovery. Being in the moment and embracing the present is important to me. It allows me to get in tune with who you are, so we determine the best path for your specific needs. I have family members who are living with OCD, which added to my inspiration to my passion to help others. When you’re in sessions with me, I’ll ensure that you feel heard and accepted while using the most effective treatment available. With ERP and mindfulness, I know you can confidently overcome your OCD.

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I am incredibly proud of you for taking this first step in your treatment for OCD. It can be intimidating but together, I know that we can make a difference in your journey!

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What our members say about
Michelle Meadows


Jan 18, 2024

Michelle is a 10/10 therapist who makes me feel heard while offering me insightful structure and advice.


Oct 17, 2023

Michelle creates an environment where I feel safe to share anything. I think that is really valuable, and has allowed me to make a lot of progress in my sessions with her. Our work together has helped me manage my OCD daily. She has helped me develop grace and compassion towards myself, which has always been a primary goal of mine in counseling.


Sep 21, 2023

I've worked with Michelle for a while @NOCD. The one way I would describe her would be, exactly what OCD doesn't like. Which is EXACTLY the reason you should work with her! Her approach is a no BS, no reassurance, do your homework, practice your skills type one. She really helped me push past my limits on things I thought I would never feel again (I had bad panic attacks for a while). One example would be that I had really bad panic attacks. Like I would be temporarily paralyzed and couldn't move or breath. By the end of our sessions, I was recreating the temporary paralysis on purpose! I thought I wouldn't want to feel that way again ever, but funny enough towards the end, I actually kinda enjoyed it. She is also really awesome at making you feel heard and understood. My final remark is, if you want to get better, like take away truly lifelong skills, this is your therapist :)


Sep 07, 2023

Michelle is the best. So smart about OCD and so patient and supportive in a non-reassurance kind of way.


Sep 01, 2023

She was very trustworthy


Aug 22, 2023

Michelle is great! She always listens to me and makes me feel heard while also keeping our sessions organized and on track. I think she is a wonderful therapist and she has already helped me a lot!


Jul 18, 2023

Our therapist has been very helpful with my 7 year old daughter’s OCD. She has been in therapy (CBT for what we thought was ‘just’ anxiety) for almost 4 years with little result- until we found NOCD and ERP. ERP is hard work for a 7 year old, and for us as parents. Our therapist guides us through and finds strategies that are doable for all of us. She is helping to uncover other “things” that we didn’t even notice or think about as being OCD-related. The member advocates are so responsive and helpful. I would encourage anyone who doesn’t love their therapist to keep trying- not every therapist is a fit for every person- it’s not one size fits all and it shouldn’t feel that way! Not every therapist here operates on a “script” like I’ve read in some reviews. They definitely have an approach, but it should feel personalized. Ours has and we are very grateful!


Jul 11, 2023

I feel I’m approving everyday with Michelle no complaints


Jun 30, 2023

I feel like I can openly discuss my OCD with Michelle without fear of judgement


Jun 27, 2023

She goes above and beyond and I can tell she truly cares and is in the field for the right reasons not just a paycheck she’s incredible and goes the extra step to help I can go on and on


Jun 16, 2023

She’s wonderful!!!


Jun 15, 2023

She is wonderful!!!!!!!!


Jun 06, 2023

Michelle is by far the best I have seen and is very helpful and I think she is going to make a difference in my journey


May 16, 2023

She is the absolute best


May 04, 2023

She is the best I have ever seen no complaints what so ever I wish I could see her everyday she is truly amazing and feel like she is going to change my life for the better!!!! 20/10 rating


Mar 29, 2023

I am so glad I was paired with Michelle. It makes me sad that I had to discharge. I miss her so much. But I’ve had a great and outstanding result. Thank you for pairing us together.❤️


Mar 20, 2023

Michelle always has wonderful tips and explanations to help. I always leave feeling hopeful and with a full toolbox of skills!


Mar 03, 2023

Michelle gave me great tools and resources to attack my pain points and things to help me on a daily basis. She’s amazing


Feb 27, 2023

Michelle was amazing. She is really helping understand myself and learn how to cope.


Feb 14, 2023

I enjoy working with Michelle. She’s very kind and it’s easy to trust her.


Feb 07, 2023

I’m grateful to Michelle, for her flexibility with our appointment. She was very kind and personable. I look forward to future sessions with her.


Jan 24, 2023

Was great when ryan got emotional and needed to take a break!


Jan 06, 2023

Working with Michelle gave me an elevated quality of life that I didn’t even know I was missing before NOCD. Getting diagnosed with OCD made so many pieces in my life fall together and she gave me the tools, support and encouragement I needed to overcome this first stage of treatment and get to active recovery. I discharged from therapy today and feel confident in managing my recovery with the care I’ve been given - and Michelle was a huge part in that!


Nov 14, 2022

Michelle creates a safe space for her clients to discuss all aspects of their OCD. She actively listens and helps me discover the root of any hang ups so that I can challenge myself to move past them. Through ERP and focusing on the present I have been able to make progress. I’m grateful for our sessions!


Sep 01, 2022

Getting better every day


Apr 21, 2022

She was kind, supportive and asked important questions.


Apr 12, 2022

Michelle is absolutely wonderful. I’ve struggled for 4 years, and I’ve gone to multiple therapists . NOCD and Michelle have a wonderful system to help tame ocd and help reclaim your life 🥰


Apr 05, 2022

Very practical advice. Most bang for the buck we’ve ever gotten in this journey.


Mar 03, 2022

We just had our first appointment with the NOCD therapist for our daughter. It went really well. We felt heard and understood more than any other time in our lives probably. It went great!


Feb 17, 2022

I am very eager to work with my therapist. I’ve had OCD therapy before but unfortunately wasn’t as attentive and was left on my own to try ERP or how to structure it. With NOCD, I felt my therapist really listened and we are working on a plan together.

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