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OCD therapist Alyssa Lentz, Licensed Therapist, MS, LPC, NCC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Alyssa Lentz


Licensed Therapist, MS, LPC, NCC


I practice what I preach. I'm very open with the people I work with about what we're doing and what my experience with OCD has been. I like to make sure members guide the session as much as they can, and I like to incorporate humor as much as possible to lighten the mood. Outside of work, I like hanging out with my dogs Miko and Flick. A random fun fact about me: My two-year-old child was born in a Texas snowstorm.

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OCD therapy works. You can have freedom from OCD. You don't have to live life by the rules OCD imposes on you.

Get to know Alyssa Lentz

I've always wanted to be in a helping profession. I knew that since I was a little girl, when I saw family members struggle with mental health and addiction. I didn't know what counseling was back then. In college, I found a counseling program that led me to really want to do therapy.

I have personal lived experience with OCD. My experiences, and knowing how misunderstood it is, gave me a passion for educating people about OCD and treating people who have struggled with it, been misdiagnosed, or received talk therapy that's not effective for OCD. The most gratifying part of my job is when ERP starts working, and people start to have freedom from OCD—they start to have the upper hand and realize they don't have to live life by the rules OCD imposes on them.

I've had experience with trauma, addiction, and anxiety disorders. I've worked with more severe and persistent mental illness in clinical study. I've also worked in a prison setting.

If you've been to traditional therapy, OCD therapy might seem quite foreign to you. It might sound weird and be uncomfortable at first, but it's incredibly effective. It almost feels like magic once you do it and see the progress that can happen pretty quickly.

You don't have to share them right away. You can share it as you become comfortable. We don't have to dive into the scary thoughts immediately. Just know there's no judgment. In fact, I've probably experienced the thought myself, so I totally understand where you're coming from.

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What our members say about
Alyssa Lentz


Aug 23, 2023

NOCD has been a life saving blessing. I am eternally grateful for this resource and for my therapist who has taught me so much and instilled so much hope in me. I promise you no subtype or thought is too “weird” or “wrong” to share. I also promise you that there is so much hope to take your life back. OCD doesn’t have to be your enemy it can just be. And no you’re not the exception, recovery is possible for you too. I’ll say it again. No you’re not the exception, recovery is possible for YOU too. If you’re questioning if you should make your free call to NOCD this is your sign to just do it. Your future self will thank you.


Aug 15, 2023

She made me feel safe to tell her anything & had amazing strategies with ERP to help with my OCD. I saw quick improvements when i started therapy with her. I highly highly recommend!


Aug 10, 2023

She was kind and pleasant. She was educational and informative. I’m excited to begin this journey with my treatment with her.


Jul 28, 2023

In these first sessions, it's challenging & scary for our 12-year old to engage. Alyssa is going slowly and meeting our daughter where she is and forging a bond to support working together.


Jul 11, 2023

The best!


Jun 30, 2023

Shes amazing! Seriously helping me get through the struggle!


May 30, 2023

Encouraging and kind


May 05, 2023

She has helped me so much


Mar 20, 2023

She keeps me on track with our OCD focus


Mar 07, 2023

Thanks for being patient, willing to let him get comfortable and still bring us back to the purpose of appointment.


Feb 07, 2023

Great session today.


Jan 31, 2023

I felt very comfortable


Jan 30, 2023

Great 1st session with Alyssa!


Jan 17, 2023

Asks great questions, problem solver. Feel like she’s working hard to help me


Jan 12, 2023

Positive space, very understanding, helped so much in 1 session… learned a lot

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