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OCD therapist Sydney Johnston, Licensed Therapist, MS, NCC, LPCC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Sydney Johnston


Licensed Therapist, MS, NCC, LPCC


I'm a strengths-based counselor and very client-centered. This is a safe place where you can feel comfortable and really open up. I'll help you find your strengths. I'm looking forward to sharing research-based approaches that actually work. Outside of work, I love K-Pop. My daughter and I go to concerts and do a lot of fun stuff around that.

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I understand your struggles. I have a loved one who has severe OCD. It's a very misunderstood mental health disorder, and I want to help make a difference.

Get to know Sydney Johnston

I was originally a teacher. I decided I wanted to work individually with people and make a difference on more of a one-on-one level. That's why I became a counselor working with teens and college students, then a therapist to work with everyone.

Over the course of my therapy experience, I've worked with a number of people who have OCD. It's a population I enjoy. I feel like I understand their struggles. I have a loved one who has pretty severe OCD. It's a very misunderstood mental health disorder, and I want to help make a difference. There are so many wonderful tools people can use, but they're not as well known as they should be.

I have experience treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, and victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

It can be difficult, and you have to be ready to work really hard. You have to really want change. If it's not really something you're ready for, it's going to be a lot harder. Be ready to feel vulnerable and experience a lot of emotions. Sometimes you might be angry at your therapist at the end of a session; sometimes you might be excited and happy.

We can sit and wait. I'm very comfortable doing that. I'm not going to force you to do something you're not ready for. We can wait until you're ready.

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What our members say about
Sydney Johnston


Oct 18, 2023

Seemed very knowledgeable and I felt good after our session.


Jun 26, 2023

Wonderful first session with Sydney! Thank you!! We feel hopeful and encouraged.


Jun 09, 2023

I feel very comfortable with Sydney Johnston, LPCC. I feel she is helping me deal with my issues. She is helping me "peel back" the layers of intricate mental scaring that has manifested itself as OCD's. She is very pleasant and approachable. I look forward to my sessions with her. I have NEVER had any therapist that helps me to see the potential resolve while dealing with my "issue". She does not make me feel different for having to deal with odd impulses. Sydney is great! Thank you for having her on your "team".


May 27, 2023

I feel very comfortable with my therapist.


May 18, 2023

I can’t recommend her enough, Sydney has been so so helpful to my recovery from OCD. I told her my fears and obsessions, and she is so good at not making me feel judged whatsoever, and helping me to reframe my ways of thinking. I cannot thank her enough


Apr 06, 2023

Sydney has really helped my daughter a lot!


Dec 28, 2022

Great session! Feeling good and working on things I’ve been wanting to get back to


Dec 15, 2022

I feel safe and comfortable and she gives really great insight during our sessions


Dec 07, 2022

Loved my first meeting. I felt safe

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