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OCD therapist Pati Szafran, Associate Clinical Social Worker, Licensed OCD Therapist

Pati Szafran

Associate Clinical Social Worker

Pre-license number: 117930

Under the supervision of Shawna Ecklind


It's important to me to understand the full picture of how OCD affects my members, both historically and in the present, given the dynamic nature of the disorder. I implement ERP, ensuring treatment is structured and personalized. Creating a supportive and non-judgmental space is my top priority. I'll enable you to confront compulsions, tackle avoidances, and build resilience to uncertainty, showing compassion and understanding toward your experiences. Outside of work, I like being out in nature, but I spend many weekends simply lounging around and catching up on TV shows. I love thrifting, hanging out with friends, and contemplating existential matters. A good book or movie always brings me joy, and I take pleasure in making my home cozy and cute. However, my absolute favorite hobby is traveling, exploring new cultures, and observing diverse ways of life around the world.

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I won't ever judge you for your thoughts, as I don't judge myself for mine. In treatment, I'll help you learn how to respond to them in a way that's helpful.

Get to know Pati Szafran

I've always found the greatest joy and purpose in my life through connecting with people, exploring my curiosity about the human experience, and embracing the wide array of emotions that come with it. I love being a therapist because I get to create a meaningful space for others to navigate their challenges. Witnessing improvement in quality of life and relationships is an honor I appreciate every day.

When I started working with OCD six years ago, one of the first things I learned is that our brains, in trying to keep us safe and alive, can sometimes be our worst enemy. Exploring the interplay between obsessive thoughts and compulsive or avoidant behaviors teaches me about the mechanisms our brains employ to manage anxiety. With OCD, these mechanisms can lead people to feel like they've lost themselves. ERP treatment is effective for even the toughest symptoms. That's what motivated me to specialize in OCD. Being able to help people discover genuine relief through ERP has been incredibly fulfilling.

Anxiety, mood disorders, and family and relationship issues.

I've had conversations with people I've treated about how OCD treatment doesn't initially feel intuitive. Seeking reassurance, replaying memories, and worrying about the future are natural human behaviors that have been crucial for our survival, from an evolutionary standpoint. The fight, flight, and flee responses to threats evolved to save us, so it feels logical to want to listen to these signals. However, it's important to recognize that 'listening' to OCD only reinforces anxiety. It traps people in a cycle of responding to anxiety by attempting compulsions to neutralize them or by avoiding triggers altogether. Before you begin treatment, be prepared to do the opposite of what you might have been doing. It will be hard, weird, and even annoying, but it will be effective.

Feeling discomfort about sharing personal information is completely understandable. It is always up to you to decide how much you want to disclose during our sessions. I'll never push you to share more than you're ready to. I've been in this profession for some time, and it's rare for me to hear a thought I haven't encountered before. Intrusive thoughts and images are simply that—intrusive. They're not something you intentionally bring into your mind. I experience intrusive thoughts too; everyone does. I used to attach meaning to them, but through psychoeducation, I learned they aren't facts. They come and go. I won't ever judge you for your thoughts, as I don't judge myself for mine. In treatment, I'll help you learn how to respond to them in a way that's helpful.

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