OCD therapist Sandra Shern, Licensed Therapist, LMHC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Sandra Shern

Licensed Therapist, LMHC

Nova Southeastern University

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My experience with treating OCD:

I'm fortunate to have seen Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy help people with OCD when I worked at a non-profit community mental health program almost 15 years ago. The program was a great learning environment because I treated every type of mental health issue, including OCD, and saw how people's behavior changed when given proper treatment. It molded me as a therapist, and now, I'm using ERP to treat so many people that need support and guidance as they face OCD.


About Me

There is so much for you to gain by doing ERP. I know you're suffering from intrusive thoughts and the anxiety they cause, on top of the fears and doubts that creep into your life. Where did they come from? How can I escape these horrible thoughts? I'm here to tell you that you are not alone, and I have faith that you can overcome this terrible disorder. When it comes to being your therapist, I have your back. I won't take things further than they need to be, you'll always feel safe during sessions, and I'll coach you up when you need a push. Your treatment is a life-changing journey, where you transform out from the struggle of OCD and into a real experience of self-actualization. Let me be your guide, and we'll accomplish great things together.

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What our members say about
Sandra Shern


Mar 24, 2021

Sandra Shern has already taught me a lot! I was in erp for years but seemed to be missing quite a bit of info. I’m happy so far with nocd and very happy with my therapist.


May 29, 2021

Very supportive therapist


Aug 27, 2021

Therapist Sandra Shern helped me understand OCD. I am still in the learning process but I love the sessons


Sep 07, 2021

The therapist gave me very helpful info that shed some light on what is going on in my ocd brain. She has a good understanding of what I am going through. I am looking forward to working with her, using erp in the next several weeks, and feel optimistic for the first time!


Sep 20, 2021

Looking forward to next time!


Nov 05, 2021

It seemed we determined I am, most likely, not a good candidate for ERP This was useful

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