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OCD therapist Owen Konecnik, Licensed Therapist, MSW, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Owen Konecnik

Licensed Therapist, MSW, LCSW


I approach everyone, including those living with OCD, with empathy, a non-judgmental attitude, and encouragement. I believe therapy is based on a trusting relationship. I work hard to give my members an experience of safety through compassion, affirmation, and my genuine desire to help them believe in their ability to heal. I think approaching life and therapy by seeing the irony and humor in situations (where appropriate) can be a healthy way to cope and facilitate healing as well. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, traveling when I can, binging a good British crime show on Netflix, and spending time with my little dachshund/pomeranian mix dog named Darla.

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At NOCD, you'll find people who will offer you understanding, hope, and a form of therapy that has the highest proven rate of effectiveness.

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Even as a child, I knew that talking to someone and reaching out for help would be healing. I've wanted to be a therapist ever since. It has been the most meaningful thing I could imagine as a career. Helping people achieve their goals and believe in their own strengths, resilience, and worth give my work the most meaning.

I had untreated and undiagnosed OCD as a child. I know what it's like to struggle to feel better and actually have to reach out for help to get there. I'm excited to help people feel better and get their life back through ERP therapy.

I have training, expertise and interest in trauma-informed care and relational PTSD, depression, anxiety, and working with LGBTQA+ individuals.

You will find people who will offer you understanding, hope, and a form of therapy that has the highest proven rate of effectiveness.

Please be honest about whatever fears, apprehensions, doubts, or whatever you're feeling. I work hard to meet you where you're at. I'll never push you to do anything you aren't ready for. But I will challenge you to see your own strengths and potential.

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  • Cigna
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What our members say about
Owen Konecnik


Apr 23, 2024

I have struggled with OCD for about 2 years and never sought out help for it until now. I was uneasy going into it, but after just one session with Owen Konecnik I started to feel hope for the first time in a long time. It felt like someone FINALLY understood me.He is a very good listener, very knowledgeable about OCD, and just overall just knows how to make you feel comfortable. He is great at what he does and you can tell he is passionate about helping others. He really does make a difference in his patients lives. I’m so pleased with him as my therapist! Highly highly recommend.


Mar 19, 2024

From start to finish I felt heard, seen and accepted. This is my third therapist through NOCD and I finally feel like I’ve found someone who I feel safe enough to make real progress with. Owen made me feel comfortable without overly reassuring me and forcing me to dive deeper into my fears and triggers. I am so excited to begin ERP with him, as I feel like it will help me get my life back on track!

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