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OCD therapist Joanna Flemister, Licensed Therapist, MA, SC-LPC, NC-LCMHC, CCATP, Licensed OCD Therapist

Joanna Flemister

Licensed Therapist, MA, SC-LPC, NC-LCMHC, CCATP


Therapy is a partnership. I will try to make sure that you're comfortable and that I understand what triggers your OCD. Both of us will come up with a hierarchy for treatment, and your input is very important to me. I will take care if you're nervous or scared, while also gently pushing you in the right direction. Outside of work, I love being with my girls, dancing, making art, writing, and surfing.

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OCD therapy is not easy. Sometimes it is! But don't expect that you will be cured immediately, and don't get discouraged. You've just got to be firm and consistent in what you do.

Get to know Joanna Flemister

I wanted to become a therapist because of my exposure as a child. My parents were missionaries, and I traveled with them to parts of the world where there was a lot of suffering. I felt a pull toward working with people and treating them.

I wanted to specialize in OCD because I've seen family members really suffering with OCD, then being able to conquer it with the method of ERP.

I have significant experience with anxiety, including traditional anxiety and social anxiety. I've also treated impulsive and obsessive-related conditions such as trichotillomania.

It's not going to be easy. Sometimes it is! But don't expect that you will be cured immediately. Your OCD could go into remission. But don't be surprised if you see it move into a different type of OCD pattern. It does that sometimes, so don't be discouraged. That's what OCD does, because OCD does not want to lose. But you've just got to be firm and consistent in what you do.

If you're afraid to share your thoughts, I'll give you that space. We can talk about different things. I'll allow you to get to know me. We can also explore what is causing that barrier, so we can try to overcome it. But I'm not going to push you immediately. I'll work toward solving the issue.

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What our members say about
Joanna Flemister


Sep 30, 2023

I have worked with her for a while and I love every session we have together!


Sep 13, 2023

Goes above and beyond. Really pleased


Jul 31, 2023

This was our first meeting, so I'm still waiting to see how it goes further and don't want to judge too quickly. But so far, one thing that the therapist can improve on is to try to establish a connection to the adolescent patient first, before focusing on going trough paperwork.


May 19, 2023

She has continued to be very engaging and suggests new ideas every session.


May 06, 2023

My shy daughter is feeling more comfortable talking about her problem and we are learning a lot. Our therapist has been great.


Apr 24, 2023

Joanna is very tuned in to my OCD struggles and how best to help me.


Apr 08, 2023

Am glad I was matched with Joanna.

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