OCD therapist Kara Lash, Licensed Therapist, LPCC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Kara Lash

Licensed Therapist, LPCC • (She/Her)

Kent State University

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My experience with treating OCD:

During my time in private practice as a licensed therapist, a family member and a friend described their OCD struggles to me. Once I discovered how often OCD was being mistreated, and the more I learned from people facing this challenge, the more I wanted to help those in need. Now that I specialize in OCD, I use Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy to treat anyone with this challenging disorder.


About Me

OCD can easily be misunderstood by general therapists, which is why expertise treatment is so valuable. OCD creates unwanted thoughts that can be so horrific and strong that they turn into obsessions. Anxiety from these obsessions tempts you to find relief through rituals or mental exercises, only to have the anxiety return. The impact this has on daily life is so negative that it can ruin relationships and make you isolated from life. I'll use ERP to guide you away from OCD. My biggest strength is the ability to build rapport and connect with many different types of people. Nothing you say will scare me out of the room, and thanks to ERP, I can treat all OCD subtypes. Our session's goal is to build up your strength so you'll be able to address your OCD whenever it hits and do it successfully. Let's work together so you can have a higher quality of life.

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What our members say about
Kara Lash


Feb 24, 2021

Great session!


Mar 23, 2021

Kara is great, she always gives me her full attention, she is very smart and always stays kind and professional. 10/10!


Aug 04, 2021

Made me feel hopeful about conquering my OCD


Aug 13, 2021

I’m excited to get a handle on this OCD once and for all, very hopeful after my first session. It was great!


Sep 09, 2021

I'm healing.


Sep 24, 2021

Understanding, non-judgmental therapist. Makes me feel normal and valid.


Oct 07, 2021

The therapist was super professional and extremely knowledgeable. She listened to our concerns and helped us feel understood and reassured that there was a definite plan to help our daughter. We can’t express enough how grateful we are.

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