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OCD therapist Darlene Friend, Licensed Therapist, MSW, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Darlene Friend

Licensed Therapist, MSW, LCSW


I employ a comprehensive and individualized approach to treating OCD disorder that integrates evidence-based therapeutic techniques, such as exposure and response prevention. I utilize compassion and collaboration to develop exercises that aid in desensitizing anxiety-provoking triggers. Outside of work, I love spending my time with my family, my two miniature dachshunds, and friends. I'm the mother of two adult children; I have one granddaughter who I absolutely adore. I enjoy outside activities, exploring new places, everything and anything fall-related, reading, walking, yoga, crafts, and scrapbooking.

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My desire to become a therapist is rooted in my dedication to nurturing and helping others. I believe early childhood experiences and unspoken expectations from our families significantly influence the adults we become. I believe I was given a unique gift to share with others.

I have chosen to specialize in OCD because of my interest in understanding and addressing the complexities associated with this condition and the impact it has on individuals. The decision comes from a combination of experience in my field and my passion for making a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by OCD.

In addition to OCD, my current experience and area of focus include anxiety disorders, depression, grief, and trauma-related conditions. My previous experiences include working with individuals who struggle with severe and persistent mental illness and mood disorders.

NOCD specializes in OCD and utilizes exposure and response prevention therapy, the gold standard for the treatment of OCD. We provide services through a HIPAA-compliant secure platform, allowing individuals to remain in their own environment. We also offer ongoing support between sessions.

It's not uncommon for individuals to feel fear or anxiety about sharing specific thoughts with their therapist. However, open communication is crucial for effective therapy. If you're afraid to share your thoughts, I encourage you just to acknowledge them. Know that you're in a safe, non-judgmental space and that what you're experiencing is valid. Let me know if you're afraid to share your thoughts, and allow me to explore that fear with you.

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