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OCD therapist Donna Simons, Licensed Therapist, MSW, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Donna Simons

Licensed Therapist, MSW, LCSW


With support, understanding, and even humor, I teach people to understand the dynamics of OCD. Together, we develop a plan for therapy to support the process of recognizing and reframing troubling thoughts and changing problem behaviors. Outside of work, I adore my adult daughters and love spending time with them. I love messy things like swimming with my dogs, doing yard work, refinishing furniture, and home decorating. Road trips to anywhere are awesome, especially when I’m traveling alone. Sometimes I enter poetry contests, and I just love being in natural surroundings.

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I'm here to support you, educate your significant others, and encourage you to face your triggers with the goal of knowing that you, not your triggers, are in charge.

Get to know Donna Simons

Many moons ago, I was a young single mom trying to cope with confusion, anxiety, and the terrible unknown. My therapist's name was Betty, and she taught me coping skills to manage my thoughts and emotions and helped me learn to filter out negativity. All this helped me find a sense of direction in life. I was always interested in psychology, and my dream was to be a therapist. With Betty’s support, I found the strength to pursue higher education and started a career.

OCD has been a particularly challenging condition to treat, because it can impact vocational plans, relationships, and confidence. When individuals with OCD show the courage and determination to face their demons—clinically known as obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors—it's rewarding to help said individuals take back their lives.

Historically, I've focused on trauma, behavior problems in children and adolescents, parenting skills, addictions, and emotional regulation. I most like focusing on trauma. Traumatic life events may be the cause of depression and anxiety, but it is the brain’s response to these events that create more problems, such as guilt, frightening dreams and thoughts, panic attacks, and interpersonal barriers, including irritability and hypervigilance.

One has to be willing to come out of their comfort zone to make meaningful and lasting change. It will be difficult, but I'll be there to support you, educate your significant others, and encourage you to face your triggers with the goal of knowing that you, not your triggers, are in charge.

Perhaps in that moment when you're feeling afraid, we can talk about the fear itself. Often, clients confess that they feel guilty or ashamed of their thoughts. Rest assured that you won't be judged for your feelings. You'll probably even learn that all people have weird, unwanted, or even ugly thoughts at times.

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