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OCD therapist Jessica Young, Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed OCD Therapist

Jessica Young


Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Pre-license number: 119977

Under the supervision of Lynn Young

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I will take the time to get to know you, your interests, and what excites you. I like to incorporate mindfulness into sessions. Yoga is a big part of my life and has really helped me with my own anxiety. Outside of work, I like being active outdoors, whether it's doing yoga in my backyard, going for a walk, or spending time at the beach with a good book. That's how I practice self-care.

Don't be afraid to make yourself a priority. Don't judge yourself: Look at your behaviors and tendencies without judgment. Know that you're brave by making the first step in seeking treatment.

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  • United Healthcare / Optum



What our members say about
Jessica Young


Sep 12, 2023

She’s amazing


Aug 23, 2023

Todays session was definitely more difficult because the ERP was anxiety inducing. However, Jessica walks me through it. I’m very comfortable around her and she makes ERP less of a hassle. Jessica is always on time and she is very attentive to my feelings.


Aug 11, 2023

Great session today. Jessica showed me a great exposure to start with based on my theme. I like how we can laugh during our session and not only focus so seriously. Always looking forward to speaking to her, very fun therapist


Aug 09, 2023

Helps me identify my OCD to bring me back to the present. Jessica really cares and makes me feel heard and seen. I feel comfortable with her


Aug 08, 2023

She did a great job helping me understand what I was going thru, and made me feel confident in finding solutions to my problems


Jul 27, 2023

Jessica is terrific and very helpful to me.


Jul 26, 2023

Jessica played a really great video for me that helped me see my OCD in a different way. She allows me to talk about how I feel and she lets me be myself.


Jul 11, 2023

Jessica is always very mindful, compassionate and communicative. She offers great support and insight. I always feel like I ‘ve made positive steps towards my healing after each session with her.


Jul 05, 2023

Jessica is wonderful and I’m so grateful for her support!


May 26, 2023

This is my first session with Jessica, and I was very pleased with her kindness and patience and expertise


May 08, 2023

Jessica has some great techniques to aid in my ever puzzling discomfort. I've never been presented with this way of thinking. We'll see how it goes and it seems promising.


Apr 25, 2023

Thank you


Feb 13, 2023

Our therapist is so sweet. She definitely takes the time to listen. We are encouraged by the potential this treatment has and are Happy to work with her!


Feb 13, 2023

Made my daughter feel comfortable today and had child specific activities. Great job!


Jan 27, 2023

I feel that the therapist has a genuine interest in helping my daughter.


Jan 12, 2023

All of the above

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