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Judy Lair


Licensed Therapist, LPCC

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As a therapist, I start with empowerment. I'll start by finding out what your strengths are and how you approach life. We'll take that and empower you to use your strength. Coming from a position of strength allows you to do the hard part of ERP. A fun fact about me: I've lived all around. I was born in Idaho, moved to Alberta, Canada, and Hershey, Pennsylvania, and now I find myself in Raleigh, North Carolina.

OCD therapy works because it changes the way you're going through life. With OCD, you go through life on the defensive. You're backing away, trying to hide from everything. You can't live a life that is fulfilling. So we have to change the direction: we have to get on the offense.

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New Jersey
North Carolina

What our members say about
Judy Lair


Jan 27, 2023

Yay!!!! Judy is great!!!!


Jan 24, 2023

Helping me a lot to understand the specific ways OCD manifests in my life, and how to deal with them together and individually.


Jan 19, 2023

Judy is a master teacher with a master’s knowlege and a savvy grasp on the intricacies of OCD. She is The Top. Hurry and ask for her! AND shell make you LAUGH!!!


Jan 19, 2023

She not only taught me about the nuances of OCD but she validated my thoughts and feelings and their relevance to OCD.


Jan 12, 2023

I am so very thankful for my therapist, Judy. She is so easy to talk to, and she offers such great insight to help me in my journey with OCD! So thankful NOCD takes insurance and makes this therapy accessible and life changing!


Jan 09, 2023

Therapy with Judy is almost always more helpful than I expect it to be, even far along in my journey when I think I finally understand myself and OCD. I always learn something new and empowering.


Jan 09, 2023

Judy is a whiz at explaining OCD and techniques of managing it through ERP with her own personality and style. Its clear and interesting and refreshing.


Dec 14, 2022

Judy really listened to me and helped me understand that i was not the only one having these thoughts and obsessions. Although it was only my first session I’m really looking forward to meeting with her again.


Dec 13, 2022

Judy is truly one who cares and desires to see me get better! I’ve enjoyed all my sessions with her and have been using the tools she’s taught me!


Dec 02, 2022

I love Judy !!! Gives me great advice.


Nov 18, 2022

Always a great session with Judy.


Nov 18, 2022

Judy is incredible. She gives me practical tools to help manage OCD.


Nov 12, 2022

I’m doing well but sometimes OCD uses those “back door” tricks. My conversation with Judy was right on time to help me recognize that. Thank you!


Nov 09, 2022

She hasn't given up on me despite me having a big setback


Nov 01, 2022

Judy is an amazing therapist. She always makes my son feel better and more in control. Her advice is specific to him and her upbeat personality is so refreshing.


Oct 18, 2022

I was so scared to start therapy. And for the first several weeks, I'd get extremely anxious before each session. But I'm actually starting to look forward to my sessions now because Judy is helping me learn about myself & my ocd in these really unexpected and helpful ways, and I also just like her. Feels really good to be making progress and forming a trusting relationship through therapy. (I only reread this once, Judy!)


Oct 18, 2022

Judy was truly incredible. She knows so much about OCD and explains it in a way that you can understand. I felt so comfortable talking about my thoughts with her right from the get-go and she made me feel normal and heard and gave me hope for the first time in so long! I’m kicking myself for the fact that I waited six years to get the right help


Sep 21, 2022

I’m just not quite understanding what to do but my guess is I will understand more as time goes on


Sep 02, 2022

i feel very optimistic for the first time that I will get over this


Aug 03, 2022

Judy was very knowledgeable and professional and so patient through my technical difficulties (a storm hit just as our session was starting and we lost power). Instead of rescheduling, she waited around till I had slowly downloaded zoom into my phone and fixed my audio issues and then stayed on with my an extra half hour past our scheduled time. Appreciate her patience and kindness.


Jul 30, 2022

Even though it was my first session with Judy she made me feel encouraged, heard, and like she genuinely cared about me and helping me with my lifelong battle of ocd. I truly feel like she is a gift from God and an answer to many prayers of someone who not only has the knowledge and desire to help me but also a similar heart. I am excited and hopeful to continue working with her!


Jul 22, 2022

Tackling the new challenges of life in recovery, with God’s help, my family, and the skill, care, and support of my NOCD therapist!


Jul 13, 2022

Judy is helping me progress through fears about possible regression and through the challenges of this season of life!


Jul 08, 2022

NOCD and my therapist Judy have served as an answer to many years of prayer. My compulsions are mostly mental, which made them difficult for me to “catch” in daily life. Judy and NOCD have helped find my way out of the darkest time in my life, and they’ve helped me face the present with peace. They have gone ABOVE and BEYOND to help me get my life back, which is positively affecting my family and others around me. Judy cares about her patients and wants the world to understand and fairly treat people with OCD. Thank you!!! Thank the Lord!


Jul 07, 2022

Judy is Amazing. Hadn’t seen her in a while. But she remembered my son. Had great suggestions, did some ERP and he is feeling better. She always has a happy demeanor.


Jul 06, 2022

Judy Lair was great to work with. I will miss working with her!


May 02, 2022

Judy is amazing and really explained things so perfectly. I felt like I had a real fighter on my side and there was no way she was going to let me fail. Very encouraging.


Apr 12, 2022

Judy has encouraged and been patient in this journey with me, and now together we are seeing some victory.


Apr 04, 2022

I started therapy feeling like a slave to my OCD. Judy Lair is literally a miracle worker because I now have taken the drivers seat in my life. I know the feeling of being all alone with your thoughts and thinking you’re “crazy.” She has helped me to understand OCD as well as manage it. The sooner you get therapy, the sooner you aren’t in OCD’s shackles. Judy is an absolute godsend who truly loves helping people with OCD and is so talented in her work.


Dec 09, 2021

Judy is the best!!

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