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OCD therapist Keith Casey, Licensed Therapist, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Keith Casey


Licensed Therapist, LCSW


My approach to therapy is to be empathetic and encouraging. The most gratifying part of my job is when I see someone I'm working with embrace the idea that change is possible. Outside of work, I love listening to comedy podcasts, spending quality time with my adorable nephews, and playing with my cat. I also enjoy trying new restaurants, being near the ocean, and hearing live music.

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We are here to support you and guide you on your journey. It's hard at first, but with time it will become easier.

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Simply put, I wanted to help—to assist people in making better choices for their lives.

I loved hearing about the positive results people achieved through ERP therapy. ERP is the gold standard of OCD care, and it's evidence based, with research published on the various successes people have experienced.

Substance abuse, anxiety, and depression. I had a general interest in the subject of addiction, and I think it's important to be informed because it's so universal. I know many people who struggle with depression and anxiety; that drew me to provide help in those areas.

We are here to support you and guide you on your journey. It's hard at first, but with time it will become easier.

Take your time, share what you're comfortable sharing first and open up at your own pace. Utilize the messaging feature on the NOCD app if you feel it may be easier to type your thoughts.

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New Jersey

What our members say about
Keith Casey


Nov 19, 2023

Keith is an amazing therapist. I've come such a long way since we started working together in July of this year. He's attentive, compassionate and, most important to my wellbeing, effective. I feel like I've regained control of my life.


Oct 15, 2023

Keith is amazing! Couldn't have asked for a better therapist. He's helping me regain control of my life.


Oct 14, 2023



Oct 09, 2023



Aug 31, 2023

Very happy with this service so far.


Jul 28, 2023

He tried to assess if my son had Ocd. Will find out more next session


Jul 17, 2023

Happy with Keith. Great listener and suggests good “ERP” exercises. Nice to be able to discuss this with someone


Jul 12, 2023

Keith was great! I look forward to work with him.


Jun 30, 2023

Keith is very caring and compassionate. I feel I can talk to him about anything without being judged.


May 01, 2023

Appreciate him reminding me about the appointment

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