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OCD therapist Lisa Marie Porter, Licensed Therapist, LMHC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Lisa Marie Porter

Licensed Therapist, LMHC


My approach is very conversational and laid back, but direct and ready to challenge when it comes to addressing OCD. The most gratifying part of my job is when a member gains new insight about themselves or something they're working through. I love being a part of those "Aha!" moments in real time. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with friends, listening to music, dancing, working out, and watching YouTube or favorite shows.

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OCD therapy will encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and celebrate every step taken, including all the ups and downs.

Get to know Lisa Marie Porter

Studying psychology in high school, I became fascinated by the uniqueness of the human mind, especially how our biology, background, and environment can impact how we function and see ourselves and the world. I wanted to become a therapist to help people better understand themselves. This field has helped me understand myself too.

OCD has often gone underdiagnosed and untreated. I want to help identify OCD and enable others to apply the tools to work through it. I also know that OCD is distressing for those walking through it. I believe I can be a great support for others during their process.

In addition to OCD, I focus on mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, as well as trauma. I find that most people have history with at least one of those areas. We all can relate in some way to depression, anxiety, or trauma, whether it being through personal experience, or those we're in close proximity to.

Before starting NOCD Therapy, you should know that this therapy will challenge you. This is not talk therapy; it is very practical. This therapy will encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and celebrate every step taken, including all the ups and downs.

If you're afraid to share your thoughts with me, I want you to acknowledge your feelings and know that they're valid. It can definitely be scary to start therapy and be vulnerable by sharing experiences. Remember that this is a safe space, and I am here to support you. Sharing your thoughts will bring you one step closer to getting the help you need.

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South Carolina

What our members say about
Lisa Marie Porter


Jun 18, 2024

I loved working with Lisa Marie Porter, she is so good at her job. She explains concepts really well and has tremendous amounts of patience. She made me feel incredibly comfortable and understood! I highly recommend working with her!


Mar 06, 2024

I have really enjoyed working with my therapist, Lisa Marie, for the past few months! As someone who is introverted, Lisa Marie has created a comfortable environment for me to share my experiences with her as well as challenge me on my recovery journey. She is very caring and supportive, and takes the time to make our sessions beneficial to what I am experiencing. I feel confident that I will conquer OCD with her help!


Feb 23, 2024

My therapist Lisa Marie Porter has given me the best experience I could ask for. I recently got diagnosed with OCD. She explained the diagnosis to me, helping dispel myths and biases I previously had about the disorder. We then made a plan of progression to slowly overcome my fears. In the beginning I didn't think I could change but our weekly appointments and monthly chart check-ins I saw I made so much progress. I would definitely recommend NOCD and Mrs. Porter to anyone struggling with OCD.


Dec 14, 2023

I literally have no words to describe the impact Lisa has made in my life. She is kind, funny, and so relatable. She made me feel so comfortable during my OCD journey and cheered me on along the way. I couldn’t have made the progress I did without her and her skills. I’m so thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to meet with Lisa! It has been amazing!


Nov 29, 2023

Lisa has helped me so much on my journey already and I'm only a couple of months in. I am so thankful to have her as my Therapist!


Nov 28, 2023

I'm really grateful that Lisa is the therapist for my daughter. She has been a God-send!


Nov 21, 2023

I started working with Lisa and July of this year, and she has helped me to conquer my OCD fears with ERP in such a short amount of time. She is patient and understanding, and really takes the time to listen to how I’m feeling. She makes me feel comfortable to be myself and helps me believe in myself on the harder days. I feel confident in my progress and look forward to whooping OCDs behind with Lisa on my team! If you’re new here, and looking for a therapist you can rely on, you need Lisa! :)


Nov 10, 2023

I really appreciate this website and my therapist Lisa Marie Porter. She has been kind, understanding, and is very good at interpreting my fears and compulsions and turning them into exposures. She has been a huge help in my OCD journey, so much so that I have earned the OCD Conqueror badge in the app. There is still more to do and more to improve, but I know that I will get the help I need. And my insurance covers all of it!


Oct 29, 2023

My therapist Lisa Matthews is one of a kind. At first, I was scared and very nervous to even think of beginning therapy. But as soon as I did, I was welcomed with such a beautiful and comforting smile/person. Overtime, my therapist has pushed me to challenge myself in ways I would have never done on my own. She is so supportive and helps me find ways to manage my OCD. Before beginning this program, I was really struggling with my compulsions, but after a couple weeks with Lisa, I started seeing change and growth within myself. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with their OCD!


Oct 24, 2023

Lisa has been great, I couldn't have asked for a better Therapist!


Oct 04, 2023

Lisa is amazing. She really cares about all of her clients and lets you talk things out. She genuinely listens and gets super happy with client improvements. Zero judgements, I really really recommend her. 10/10!!!!!


Aug 18, 2023

Lisa Matthews helped me recognize that what i was going through was ocd, and she helped me harness the tools to combat my ocd in my day to day life in a really constructive way. Lisa was so kind and warm and productive with me during our sessions. this was my first time doing ERP, and it can be really scary. but she made me feel very supported and that i could handle the uncertainty. i highly recommend working with her.


Aug 10, 2023

Really good first session I feel really comforted everybody understands thank you from Rosie ( I think it might help)


Jul 12, 2023

Lisa is the most wonderful therapist that we have had for my daughter. She's organized, compassionate, takes a step by step approach, and gives practical, clear homework to practice in between sessions.


Jun 21, 2023

Lisa is amazing, she’s a great listener and really does a good job in helping you in the best way possible. She’s very attentive and knowledgeable, 10/10 recommend


Apr 03, 2023

I felt so welcomed and comfortable immediately. It felt like a safe space to share.


Mar 30, 2023

I feel like she actually takes the time to listen to me and does her own research for my specific concerns! Really enjoy my therapist!


Mar 23, 2023

I really like Lisa. She’s very calming and understanding and patient!

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