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OCD therapist Rosa Pacheco Uscanga, Licensed Therapist, LPC, NCC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Rosa Pacheco Uscanga

Licensed Therapist, LPC, NCC • (She/Her)

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

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My experience with treating OCD:

For the past 3 years, I’ve been working at a partial hospitalization facility where I treated OCD as well as trauma, anxiety, depression, and more. I also have a background in Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy, considered the gold standard of OCD treatment. I put my trust in ERP therapy because it’s evidence-based with lots of data and research behind it, but I’ve also seen ERP work for many people during sessions. I think you’ll find the results that you're looking for.


About Me

I’ve heard a lot of OCD intrusive thoughts described to me over the past few years, so nothing you tell me will shock me. Combined with my own experience receiving guidance through therapy, I’ve learned how valuable a compassionate approach is to treat people with OCD. I’ll work to ensure that you feel heard and understood in a safe and non-judgemental environment, which is key to making ERP effective. With my guidance, I can show you how to manage your OCD with confidence. Every treatment plan is created specifically for each member; when it comes to treating OCD, you can't have a single template that everyone fits into it. Let’s kick off treatment by getting to know each other, so we can come together as a team to tackle your OCD and get your life back.

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Rosa Pacheco Uscanga


Apr 06, 2022

Knows just how far to push me for success, and even through a computer screen I can feel her aura of good ju ju. Love Rosa!


Mar 30, 2022

The best!


Mar 28, 2022


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