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OCD therapist Rosa Pacheco Uscanga, Licensed Therapist, LPC, NCC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Rosa Pacheco Uscanga


Licensed Therapist, LPC, NCC


I’ve heard a lot of OCD intrusive thoughts described to me over the past few years, so nothing you tell me will shock me. Combined with my own experience receiving guidance through therapy, I’ve learned how valuable a compassionate approach is to treat people with OCD. I’ll work to ensure that you feel heard and understood in a safe and non-judgemental environment, which is key to making ERP effective. With my guidance, I can show you how to manage your OCD with confidence. Every treatment plan is created specifically for each member; when it comes to treating OCD, you can't have a single template that everyone fits into it. Let’s kick off treatment by getting to know each other, so we can come together as a team to tackle your OCD and get your life back.

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I am excited to be a part of your journey towards self-advocacy and living a value-filled life with or without OCD!

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New Jersey

What our members say about
Rosa Pacheco Uscanga


Dec 19, 2023

I keep getting closer to just sitting with feelings and being, which feels pretty revolutionary to be honest.


Nov 10, 2023

Rosa knows OCD and ERP inside and out. I am getting so much out of treatment now, and I’m making huge strides. I wanted to give it a while before writing a review. What I have gotten out of working with Rosa is that ERP with the right practitioner helps you recognize your strength and helps you get better. I’m grateful. I’ve got this.


Aug 07, 2023

Rosa is a blessing !


Jul 20, 2023

My therapist was great. She targeted the OCD with ERP. I now drive on freeways, and don’t spend most of my time terrified of house fires and burglaries. Fortunately I could afford (barely) to pay out of pocket but it would help if they would get Medicare coverage.


Jul 12, 2023

Rosa continues to be a wonderful support to my daughter. Today she introduced a type of exposure that was new to us and will be awesome to address current struggles that’s have popped up.


Jun 12, 2023

We met Rosa for the first time today. Very impressed with her kindness, sincerity and professionalism. She already seems to have a good understanding of my daughter’s condition and look forward to working with her!


May 08, 2023

Rosa was very positive and reaffirming, which are important with the "doubting disease." She simplified the essence of OCD in a way that reinforces how a treatment plan can be effective.


May 08, 2023

Fine session. Therapy was supposed to start at 7 but didn’t until 7:20 due to therapist computer restarted


Mar 10, 2023

She didn't really address my concerns, but she did give good insight on OCD and made me feel a little less alone, however the availability for her schedule is very hard to settle with


Mar 06, 2023

My daughter and I are really enjoying working with Rosa. Tonight she did ERP with my daughter that involved making homemade vomit, and dipping her hand in it while my daughter did the same. To me, that goes above and beyond, and helped my daughter to overcome big feelings of fear around that challenge.


Feb 02, 2023

Rosa has great ideas and cares about me.


Sep 01, 2022

Such a great first session. I’m really excited to continue working with her.


Aug 16, 2022

Nice kind listened and approachable


Aug 03, 2022

Rose is fantastic and I very much look forward to working together on my path to regain control of my life


Apr 06, 2022

Knows just how far to push me for success, and even through a computer screen I can feel her aura of good ju ju. Love Rosa!


Mar 30, 2022

The best!


Mar 28, 2022


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