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Gail Amalfitano


Licensed Therapist, LMHC, NCC


My approach to treating OCD begins with my approach to counseling. I like to build trust and rapport by creating a non-judgmental zone that is comfortable and easy-going. I'm a naturally accepting and open-minded individual. Outside of work, I like to watch music videos and good movies. I love snorkeling, and I scuba when possible. I like to grow some veggie plants from seeds for fun. I love animals, and there always seems to be a stray cat or dog that finds me.

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I find satisfaction as a therapist in helping others find their own answers and better options.

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What our members say about
Gail Amalfitano


Dec 30, 2023

July 2023, I was at my lowest of lows with OCD (health, magical thinking, contamination, etc). My OCD was feral and my compulsions were wasting away so much of my life. Tomorrow it will be January 2024, and I have never been this well in my life. When I started on NOCD with Gail, my OCD had created a really scary, harsh mountain to climb. But we started by identifying my OCD. I started to learn how to talk back to it. We used a lot of techniques to build my confidence and strength to help me shut OCD down. We broke down my OCD and created a ladder from easier OCD to harder OCD thoughts that I feared. It was all at my place, which wasn't always linear, but using the ladder Gail and I made to climb my mountain made climbing feel safer and more manageable. We also worked on affirmations to build my worth and confidence so I could trust my voice when I talked back to OCD. We untangled some of my OCD that was wrapped tightly in my trauma. Long story short, I'm nearing the top of my ladder. I'm getting to the scariest stuff, but I feel ready and prepared now. I was given tools to help my climb, and the mountain looks a little smaller now. What I really learned is that, even though OCD is one of the most powerless, gnawing and terrifying experiences, we can still be the heroes of our own stories. It takes work, but we have the power to climb our mountains, and you aren't alone to do it.


Nov 22, 2023

I enjoyed working with Gail as she gave me wonderful feedback and goals that were individualized to my OCD theme. She gave me hope and support when I was at my lowest. She is a compassionate therapist and is very flexible with her approach. Highly recommend!


Nov 13, 2023

Gail is amazing and has so much knowledge on the mind. Always leave a session with a clearer mind


Nov 03, 2023

Gail is the best therapist that I have worked with. She is beyond kind and is full of so much knowledge. She takes the time to go above and beyond to support me. I am so grateful for her.


Oct 26, 2023

I’m looking forward to working with Gail- she is already helping me to under things in a different way.


Sep 29, 2023

excellent therapist


Sep 18, 2023

If you’re assigned Gail as you’re therapist, just know she’s really astute and knowledgable and a great educator above all. Shes so very helpful, she’s just the best :>


Sep 07, 2023

Gail is lovely and super flexible and adaptive and a wonderful educator!


Sep 06, 2023

Gail is the best. Need I say more? She gets me and I've never felt so understood by someone in the psychological profession.


Sep 01, 2023

Gail is the best therapist I've ever had and I know that even though this was the first session. She was warm and informative. It felt like she really got me. She understood everything and she felt so empowering to me. She makes me feel like I can take on OCD.


Sep 01, 2023

Gail always encourages me and knows just what to say to help me with my specific needs.


Aug 31, 2023

Gail is the most wonderful therapist I’ve ever had. She’s flexible and yet always manages to steer back to what’s important in my treatment. I can’t recommend her enough!


Aug 18, 2023

My therapist is very helpful and understanding! I feel like I can easily open up to her. She's always willing to help and teach me new skills to improve my mental health.


Aug 18, 2023

Overall, I'm very pleased with NOCD! I liked how easy it was to sign up and start seeing a therapist right away. The therapist that I was assigned has been so kind and understanding these past few months! She has taught me so many helpful skills that I'll be able to use in the future if things get tough. I found it very easy to talk to her and open up about my struggles. Because of my therapist and NOCD, I was able to get some more peace in my life, and take control over my OCD!


Aug 11, 2023

Excellent therapist


Aug 10, 2023

Gail is amazing and has helped me so much.


Aug 07, 2023

Gail is the most competent and consistent therapist I’ve ever worked with. Sessions always include the perfect balance of advice, actionable homework, and playful banter. Gail has been instrumental in my psychological growth over the past few months.


Aug 04, 2023

Gail is great! She’s especially good with explaining things and checking for understanding. So thankful for her.


Jul 31, 2023

As always, Gail does a wonderful job and I always find that my thoughts and brain are much quieter after working with her. She really is terrific 💕


Jul 31, 2023

Gail is empathetic, patient, and generous with her time. She encourages me to step outside my comfort zone when performing exposures but never pressures me to do anything I am not ready for. I have already noticed at an early stage tangible results practising ERP under her guidance. I would highly recommend her as a therapist.


Jul 27, 2023

Gail definitely made my experience enjoyable and comforting. She made me feel like I was being helped and not like I was being rushed out or like Im just another patient. Gail actually listened to me and what I had to say. Gail made me feel like she was truly concerned with how I am feeling and wanted to help me the best way she can. Now, I feel like I have a therapist whose main concern is me and helping me learn how to manage my OCD in healthy ways.


Jul 27, 2023

Gail is an awesome therapist!


Jul 21, 2023

Gail has been a life saver since I started my therapy with her I have seen a great improvement in my OCD. She is super informed and prepared to help you beat your OCD. She is the best therapist I have ever met. Thank you Gail for helping me so much.


Jul 19, 2023

She’s the best, she’s very through and explains things well


Jul 17, 2023

Gail is so incredibly insightful, kind, educational, understanding. She’s someone who’s able to connect all sorts of dots and themes, and present what she observes in a way that just makes sense. I know that, eventually, I will be okay, and it will be because she guided me when I needed help. I can’t recommend her enough


Jul 07, 2023

Gail is an amazing therapist and person!! She is very easy to talk to and extremely helpful!! She's very knowledgeable, understanding, and sincere! Would highly recommend her to anyone!


Jun 22, 2023

I felt really hopeful after my session with Gail, she really takes her time and listens and is very easy to talk to.


Jun 12, 2023

I didn’t feel shamed or judged, and Gail really is taking her time to understand what’s going on with me. I appreciate it so much and I know I’ll have good results with her!


May 08, 2023

I like her a lot.

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