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OCD therapist Michelle Shenk, Licensed Therapist, MED, LMHC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Michelle Shenk

Licensed Therapist, MED, LMHC


I have a warm, collaborative therapy style and bring that to every member I work with. As members with OCD learn to face the things they fear through ERP, I am there to support them and help them recognize their own strength and resilience. I seek to embrace people’s whole selves, recognizing that different aspects of their identities and lives impact the specific challenges that they are entering therapy to address. I work with people, not just a diagnosis. When I'm not at work, I am happiest outside, whether biking through city parks, hiking in the mountains, swimming at the beach, or just relaxing in a sunny spot. I also enjoy reading novels, sketching, and learning to play the piano (the last one is definitely a work in progress!).

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I strive to demonstrate that I’m a trustworthy person to share your toughest stuff with. This is a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Get to know Michelle Shenk

Throughout my life, I've loved connecting with people about what matters most to them. Friends often sought me out when they needed a place to share, and I felt honored to be trusted in that way. Choosing to become a therapist meant drawing on those innate gifts of openness and warmth while embracing scientific research that explores the most effective ways to help people live healthy, meaning-filled lives.

Working with people with OCD is exciting and rewarding because, with the right tools, OCD is a very treatable condition. It is so wonderful to see people improve and really take hold of their lives in a new way!

In addition to OCD, I work with individuals facing postpartum depression, parenting challenges, and issues of acculturation (such as international students or individuals living outside of their country of birth). I appreciate working with parents because it can be so impactful—helping the parents and helping their children through them. I am drawn to work with folks experiencing acculturation issues because of my own experiences living outside of the culture I grew up in, and working in a university setting with a diverse, international population.

You've demonstrated courage by recognizing there are things you want to change and having the determination to start therapy. That's already a big step, and not an easy one! It will take willingness to put in the hard work to improve. I am excited to walk with you in that process.

I strive to demonstrate that I’m a trustworthy person to share your toughest stuff with. At the same time, I know trust can take time to build. I encourage you to give yourself permission to be open in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

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