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Alessandra Rizzotti


Licensed Therapist, LCSW


I'm a solution-focused and goal-oriented therapist. I can also be pretty irreverent and like to use my sense of humor. I focus both on acceptance of the self, as well as change, when creating an action-oriented plan for the people I work with. A few fun facts about me: I'm a beekeeper, and I really like doing art interventions. I used to be a writer and editor, so I like to harness my creativity.

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At first, it might be scary to approach exposures, try things you're afraid of, or talk about certain things. But I will support you through the process. There's no shame in what you're going through.

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My personal experience with anxiety led me to be passionate about learning how to specialize in evidence based practices such as ERP, CBT, DBT, and EMDR. I am passionate about supporting vulnerable populations that struggle with suicide, such as OCD, LGBTQIA+, Native American, and Borderline Personality populations.

While at UCLA, I worked with many children who struggled with OCD and I found that doing exposures helped them overcome their irrational fears. My family has a history of OCD, hoarding disorder, and BFRBs and many of them never got treatment. By supporting the community of folks who struggle with OCD, I am making meaning of disorders that were very much misunderstood for many years in my family.

I came from a community mental health background at Department of Mental Health and UCLA, where I worked with anxiety disorders, depression, complex trauma, PTSD, neurodevelopmental disabilities, schizophrenia, and borderline personality disorder.

At first, it might be scary to approach exposures, but I will support you through the process. There's no shame in what you're going through.

Just know that I am the last person to judge you. If you're afraid to say your thoughts, imagine saying them to me, say the thoughts out loud really fast, or in a silly voice, or sing them. Sometimes that takes the power away. Those approaches don't work for everyone, so don't be afraid to give me feedback! Let's collaborate on ways to communicate that work best for you.

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What our members say about
Alessandra Rizzotti


Jan 04, 2024

I would be sorry to leave her care and help if Kaiser does not renew the referral.


Nov 18, 2023

she is helping me a lot


Oct 26, 2023

I really appreciate my therapist and I am so happy I get to work with Alessandra. I am so thankful I have learned tools to help me with my OCD and how to manage it better. Alessandra has patience and extreme understanding regardless of how difficult a session has been for me. Alessandra has truly helped me how to practice more self-compassion even through OCD. I truly have the best therapist.


Sep 16, 2023

Alessandra gave me awesome feedback and I feel really hopeful


Sep 14, 2023

Alessandra is the best!


Sep 06, 2023

Alessandra is amazing. She really knows so much about ocd and is such a great resource. She works so hard with my son to help him fight this tricky piece of his life. So grateful to have her in our corner.


Aug 28, 2023

She was excellent. Great with my son. Had lots of knowledge of ocd. I’m very happy we are able to work with her expertise


Aug 22, 2023

She is patient and understanding. She is the best


Aug 16, 2023

She presented the subject in an understandable way. She was patient and did not judge me regarding my ocd. I feel I have a better grasp on my illness.


Jun 15, 2023

Alessandra has helped me improve my life soooo much. I am so thankful for her and for all the guidance she provides me.


Jun 14, 2023

Alessandra is the best therapist ever! She has not only helped our child overcome this very challenging time, she guided us and helped us support our child better with great advice, follow up and chech in. Alessandra has made a tremendous impact in our life. We are extremely grateful and we highly recommend her


May 16, 2023

Alessandra is a wonderful therapist, she is extremely professional and has helped our family so much navigating the journey of OCDs, she is caring, nurturing, friendly and funny! She's a great match for our teenage daughter and we feel really grateful to have her.


May 16, 2023

Understood my concers


May 11, 2023

Today we identified possible situations and social interactions that require self exposure are triggers. Repeated coping methods.


May 09, 2023

I found role playing very helpful


May 02, 2023

Alessandra is the BEST!


May 02, 2023

Smooth encouragement. I felt better this session because we did what was causing anxiety and stopping to explain how feel and be accepting of the thoughts


Apr 28, 2023

I feel I am making progress. My therapist encourages me.


Apr 11, 2023

Alessandra is doing an excellent job shifting the strategy of the sessions in real time with our son to address other issues, incorporating games that are still treatment focused while keeping him engaged.


Apr 04, 2023

I really appreciate the experience I am receiving from my therapist. Being able to do exposures in real time and process the experience with my therapist is very impactful. I feel very validated!


Mar 27, 2023

Therapist took the time to get to know us. Included my son in the therapy and was sensitive to his needs and responses. She was involved, proactive and responsive. She showed an honest interest. I appreciated reading her bio ahead of time.


Mar 27, 2023

Alessandra is amazing with our teen, we have seen a lot of progress in the management of her OCDs, she is always very helpful, available and very responsive.


Mar 02, 2023

Alessandra has been wonderful and patient with me. This is hard to work and she makes me feel like I’m not in it alone. I’m so glad I found her as a therapist! Highly recommend.


Feb 28, 2023

Alessandra not only makes our child feel comfortable and heard but she also checks in with us as parents. Navigating OCD as a parent is incredibly challenging so we really appreciate her kindness, graciousness and guidance.


Feb 24, 2023

Alessandra is AMAZING. She’s helped me do things I hadn’t done in years due to my OCD. I feel so grateful for her.


Feb 14, 2023

Alessandra is amazing with our son!


Feb 14, 2023

Alessandra has been very helpful in my OCD journey including diagnosis and beginning ERP. She has been very empathetic and supportive in this process, which can be challenging. I was nervous about sharing my intrusive thoughts and feel supported and heard.


Feb 05, 2023

Kind and supportive


Feb 01, 2023

Alessandra was very compassionate and validated our initial concerns. She seems to be a great fit for both our son as the patient and us as parents. We feel hopeful!


Dec 07, 2022

Alessandra is a kind, patient, and understanding therapist! I feel safe working with her.

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Alessandra Rizzotti

Alessandra Rizzotti over 1 year

Sometimes it can be a good reflection moment to take time to notice patterns in your life. What have been some of your patterns? How did you cope throughout those periods? What is different now than back then? For me, I totally have had ROCD periods. Compulsions included checking, ruminating, and asking for reassurance. Sometimes it's hard not to believe it all. The distress can get so high. If I had worked on on my values and the things I cared about sooner, I would have worked through my ROCD so much sooner. What works for you? What do you value? Doing this work and focusing on my family helps!

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