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Alessandra Rizzotti


Licensed Therapist, LCSW

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I'm a solution-focused and goal-oriented therapist. I can also be pretty irreverent and like to use my sense of humor. I focus both on acceptance of the self, as well as change, when creating an action-oriented plan for the people I work with. A few fun facts about me: I'm a beekeeper, and I really like doing art interventions. I used to be a writer and editor, so I like to harness my creativity.

At first, it might be scary to approach exposures, try things you're afraid of, or talk about certain things. But I will support you through the process. There's no shame in what you're going through.

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Alessandra Rizzotti


Mar 02, 2023

Alessandra has been wonderful and patient with me. This is hard to work and she makes me feel like I’m not in it alone. I’m so glad I found her as a therapist! Highly recommend.


Feb 28, 2023

Alessandra not only makes our child feel comfortable and heard but she also checks in with us as parents. Navigating OCD as a parent is incredibly challenging so we really appreciate her kindness, graciousness and guidance.


Feb 24, 2023

Alessandra is AMAZING. She’s helped me do things I hadn’t done in years due to my OCD. I feel so grateful for her.


Feb 14, 2023

Alessandra is amazing with our son!


Feb 14, 2023

Alessandra has been very helpful in my OCD journey including diagnosis and beginning ERP. She has been very empathetic and supportive in this process, which can be challenging. I was nervous about sharing my intrusive thoughts and feel supported and heard.


Feb 05, 2023

Kind and supportive


Feb 01, 2023

Alessandra was very compassionate and validated our initial concerns. She seems to be a great fit for both our son as the patient and us as parents. We feel hopeful!


Dec 07, 2022

Alessandra is a kind, patient, and understanding therapist! I feel safe working with her.

Written by Alessandra Rizzotti

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Alessandra Rizzotti

Alessandra Rizzotti about 2 months

I share my story. Break the chain and get support through NOCD. https://www.treatmyocd.com/blog/what-i-learned-from-my-fathers-hoarding-disorder?utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=brand_what_I_learned_from_my_father_hording_disorder_020323

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Alessandra Rizzotti

Alessandra Rizzotti 3 months

Sometimes it can be a good reflection moment to take time to notice patterns in your life. What have been some of your patterns? How did you cope throughout those periods? What is different now than back then? For me, I totally have had ROCD periods. Compulsions included checking, ruminating, and asking for reassurance. Sometimes it's hard not to believe it all. The distress can get so high. If I had worked on on my values and the things I cared about sooner, I would have worked through my ROCD so much sooner. What works for you? What do you value? Doing this work and focusing on my family helps!

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Alessandra Rizzotti

Alessandra Rizzotti 3 months

Defusion is a way to get distance between our thoughts and behaviors. Here are some ways to do it: -Imagine your OCD thought with a silly voice or sing it outloud -Imagine your OCD thought on a movie screen, playing over and over again and moving yourself to the back of the theater -Imagine your OCD thought as a color, shape, or a character- name it! Sometimes funny names can give you space. :) Hope that helps!

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