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OCD therapist Simone Totoro, Licensed Therapist, MA, LMHC, LPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Simone Totoro


Licensed Therapist, MA, LMHC, LPC


I've been working as a licensed professional counselor for many years, and I'm proud to say that I continue to learn every day from my members and colleagues. I wear many hats in this process, not only as your therapist but as a coach, motivator, and educator. During my leisure time, I enjoy watching the Phillies, playing golf, going to the beach, taking mindfulness walks with my Labradoodles Stevie and Sammie, and practicing pilates.

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Your journey is important! As a former educator, I take pride in educating my members about OCD and ERP. We go at your pace! This is a collaborative experience.

Get to know Simone Totoro

When I was 5 years old, I had my first panic attack on the way to the dentist. It was a horribly uncomfortable feeling I can still recall many years later. I knew that inheriting panic disorder was going to be a journey. From a young age, I wanted to help others going through the struggles of OCD and anxiety.

As a person who has been there, I am very empathetic to your feelings. The most gratifying part of my job is witnessing someone's “a-ha” moment. Sometimes the smallest steps in the right direction ends up being the biggest steps of your life.

Through the years, I've worked in the areas of addiction, anxiety, and depression. For the past five years, I've been involved in AAT (animal-assisted therapy). My Labradoodle Stevie has joined me in several sessions to help create a relaxing therapeutic environment.

Your journey is important! As a former educator, I take pride in educating my members about OCD and ERP. We go at your pace! This is a collaborative experience. Working together is paramount.

Realize that this is a very “normal” feeling. Therapy is your safe place to share without judgment. I have been in your shoes before, and it takes time to share without judgment.

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New Jersey

What our members say about
Simone Totoro


Jun 25, 2024

Simone is a perfect fit for us!


Jan 24, 2024

We all want to handle our issues and challenges in five minutes time....or take a pill...or run away from them... the biggest lesson, scariest realization, largest challenge, but the ultimate answer is that the NOCD software combined with my therapists help PUTS ME ON THE ROAD TO RECOVERY...I was joking in our last session that I am like Dorothy and Toto in the wizard of oz where all the munchkins and the good which assured Dorothy that she would be ok if she just follows the yellow brick road..."follow the yellow brick road"


Jan 15, 2024

We are staying the course... exposure and response...


Jan 06, 2024

I am cautiously optimistic that with my therapists help and some work on my end, this may be the single greatest thing to happen in my life...it is returning me to myself..


Dec 26, 2023

I big part of my learning to deal with my OCD is actually just knowing what I had. Although my obsessions and mental compulsions were/are not off the chart, they were bad enough....bad enough to really mess me up in almost every part of my living day to day. I simply was completely unaware of what was happening in my brain..


Dec 07, 2023

i am scared and anxious about facing up to my OCD...last session we did my first exposure and then again yesterday i did the same exposure as homework..it feels weird to repeat the same thing over and over but i did get a little glimpse or feel for how the exposure dampens the fear and response


Nov 30, 2023

this is all very new to me but i feel like i should be doing more and at the same i am a little confused on setting up my obsessions, triggers, and compulsions...

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