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OCD therapist George Polke, Licensed Therapist, LCPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

George Polke


Licensed Therapist, LCPC


As a therapist, I am all about empowerment. I can't make your issues go away. But we can find a way to manage it better, day to day. Therapy isn't about me imposing something on you. It's about you discovering that you have the ability to change. That's what I try to facilitate, in collaboration with you. A fun fact about me: I used to be a commercial pilot. I still love flying, and I'm contemplating getting a license to fly gliders. I'm used to flying planes with motors, so gliders would be a challenge. I don't know if I'll get that license soon, but it's on my list.

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It takes courage to come here and say, 'I think I need some help.' That's important to acknowledge. Although OCD therapy can be very challenging, the reward is definitely there. I've been working with ERP for many years, and I know it works.

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What our members say about
George Polke


Oct 24, 2023

First session was great with George and am looking forward to more great sessions and strides forward into the future.


Oct 19, 2023

My therapist was very friendly and made me feel really comfortable.


Jul 18, 2023

I did not receive treatment long but it was extremely helpful. I genuinely felt listened to and I had a safe place that allowed me to be comfortable enough to share my problems. I was at my wits end and this program helped me find a little bit of understanding and piece of mind. I will be always be grateful and know that when things get tough I have a place of refuge.


May 31, 2023

George has been my therapist nearly a year and helped me recover most of my harm ocd! He is really good and explains ocd so well and I felt less crazy with harm ocd when he told me how ocd can change from images to thoughts or all at the same time ! I love working with George.


May 22, 2023

George is compassionate & knowledgeable. Very pleased with my therapy sessions.


May 12, 2023

I’ve been working with George for quite some time and he has really been there for me on this journey. He has understood the nuances of my case and has been a motivating voice for me even during the toughest moments. I have many tools to combat my OCD and I am so grateful to him and NOCD! I have learned this is a journey, a marathon and not a sprint!


May 08, 2023

My therapist was kind & helpful.


May 04, 2023

Grateful to have a genuinely supportive therapist.


May 02, 2023

George is with me every step of the way through what is a very difficult process - ERP is not easy but I know it will be worth it. Thank you very much George for all your help so far.


Apr 28, 2023

George is kind and attentive, his ability to breakdown OCD and how I can approach it is brilliant


Apr 28, 2023

George is fantastic and is so knowledgable. I have the tools now to recover from this debilitating disorder.


Apr 21, 2023

I appreciated how George acknowledged how hard it has been for me living with this problem & how much it has taken from me.


Apr 04, 2023

Everyone with OCD needs someone in their corner who understands this problem. Feeling more confident I can do the exposures with George's support.


Mar 31, 2023

George immediately put me at ease. He was compassionate and also realistic about what I could expect. I could tell he really knew what he was doing. I’m relieved to have begun therapy for my OCD with someone as good as George.


Mar 22, 2023

George is very knowledgeable about OCD. A good first session as George made me feel at ease, as I was feeling very anxious before the session.


Feb 23, 2023

I worked with George for over a year after a hospitalization due to my OCD switching themes to harm. He was incredible, and the work at NOCD truly saved my life. Recovery is a complex journey, but I now have tools and know I am never in the same spot a second time. I am grateful for NOCD and George and the progrram that gave me my life back and my kids their mom back.


Dec 22, 2022

George was extremely relatable and made me feel deeply understood.


Dec 13, 2022

George is fantastic, he made me feel incredibly comfortable from minute one. He also helped teach me more ways to look at OCD and how to handle it.


Oct 03, 2022

George is very talented and approachable.


Jul 29, 2022

George is a very experienced and knowledgeable therapist for OCD. I’m very happy to have him as my therapist.


Jul 22, 2022

George is always very supportive and the sessions are extremely helpful.


May 26, 2022

George has helped me so much throughout the course of these last few months. I have made such progress and have really improved in coping with my ocd. Couldn’t recommend him more !


Feb 16, 2022

NOCD is helping me manage O.C.D. Very glad to have such help available since the area I live in has no O.C.D. specialists. My therapist really seems to care about me.


Feb 11, 2022

Another great session thank you George!!!


Feb 08, 2022

Thank you NOCD ❤️❤️


Jan 04, 2022

George is the best! Highly recommend.


Dec 23, 2021

George is direct, clear, and supportive. He also reflects on himself to ensure the space remains compulsion free! I couldn't be happier with my experience.

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