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OCD therapist Rachel Kern, Licensed Social Worker, Licensed OCD Therapist

Rachel Kern

Licensed Social Worker

Pre-license number: 44SL06628100

Under the supervision of Catherine Nakonetschny


My approach to treating OCD is to ensure you are well-educated regarding the treatment modality, exposure and response prevention therapy. I want to meet you where you're at, but I also want you to grow through the discomfort that comes with this hard work. The therapeutic process is self-paced, but I will be there to guide and encourage you. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time volunteering or with my loved ones, especially my dog. I also like listening to new music, watching documentaries, going to local craft fairs, and getting my nails done.

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Therapy can be difficult at times, but anything worth doing is hard. You are capable of doing hard things.

Get to know Rachel Kern

Initially, I chose to attend a master’s of social work program in the hope of going the macro route rather than the clinical. I found a job at a company where you had to start off working one-on-one with clients before you could be considered for a more macro-level position. By the time I was promoted, I had already fallen in love with clinical social work. Being able to build rapport with clients, providing tools and knowledge to create lasting change, and seeing them reach their full potential has impacted my life so greatly that I decided to become a full-time therapist.

When I was a child, I suffered from OCD but never communicated to anyone what I was experiencing. Anyone who noticed my behaviors just chalked them up to me being 'quirky.' It wasn't until the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when my health OCD spiked and I began exhibiting contamination OCD compulsions, that I was diagnosed. By this point in the pandemic, many mental health professionals were working virtually for the first time and/or had a waitlist. My journey to OCD treatment made me decide to specialize in it as a career. Being well-versed and trained in administering treatment virtually is an added bonus for treatment inclusivity.

Other areas I've focused on throughout my career include anxiety and depressive disorders, as well as life skill building, primarily within the adolescent/young adult population. I've also worked closely with the hospice and foster care populations. Additionally, I was active in religious education and interfaith advocacy work during my time in higher education.

One, you're not alone in this process. I'm here to assist you throughout treatment. Two, therapy can be difficult at times, but anything worth doing is hard. Three, you are capable of doing hard things.

I do my best to create a non-judgmental and safe environment for my members. I'm receptive to what makes you feel comfortable, but your experience with therapy is the result of what you put into it. Additionally, your safety and well-being are my priority, so honesty and transparency are necessary for the therapeutic process.

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Insurance Coverages

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Forest County Potawatomi


New Jersey

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Rachel Kern


May 22, 2024

Session was very informative.

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