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OCD therapist Matthew McKinley, Licensed Therapist, MA, LPCC , Licensed OCD Therapist

Matthew McKinley

Licensed Therapist, MA, LPCC

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I prioritize human connection. We're here as two humans, trying to improve those negative symptoms that you want to change. I will help you feel understood, and I hope you will understand me. In session, we will look at what OCD does in your daily life; I won't throw buzzwords at you. A fun fact about me: I have been studying with a Tibetan lama for 15 years. That study, and that Buddhist community I've found, has changed my life.

You are capable of doing this. You've already taken the first step. All you really need to focus on is taking the next one. You have the potential to change, no matter what.

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What our members say about
Matthew McKinley


May 23, 2023

Great Listener Has Been Help Me Cope & To Deal With This OCD /Anxiety Can Feel Myself Beginning To Go Back To Somewhat Normalcy 😊


May 15, 2023

My therapist kept me on track with my goals. He listened to me and I felt heard . He encouraged me to continue my journey toward healthy behavior.


May 01, 2023

Very kind and compassionate.


Apr 27, 2023

Kind spirit.


Mar 24, 2023

Helped me so much!


Mar 16, 2023

Session sort of ended with an abrupt goodbye, but it was good overall


Mar 16, 2023

Feel Safe and Welcome to talk openly! Great Listener !


Mar 13, 2023

Matthew conducted it very well, I felt good around him and I thought perhaps at the end we were a bit crunched for time to go through the assessments throughly, he did say we’d touch on it next time so that’s good. Overall, I liked Matthew a lot and look forward to working with him :)


Feb 11, 2023

I’ve only had three sessions, but I can’t imagine life without NOCD. I’m so glad I found help that works!


Jan 28, 2023

My therapist listened, validated my thoughts and feelings, and helped me feel confident in a plan for treatment.

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