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OCD therapist Auslyn Thomas, Licensed Therapist, MA, LPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Auslyn Thomas


22 years of experience

Licensed Therapist, MA, LPC


My approach to treating OCD is person-centered. I believe that you have what you need inside of you, and it's my job to bring it out. I will encourage and support you while exposing you to your compulsions. I believe we can have fun while meeting your goals. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, coloring, building LEGO, watching anime, and listening to all different genres of music. I'm a Girl Scout troop leader. I have a chinchilla and guinea pig.

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When you see the progress you've made in OCD therapy and reach your goals, you'll see that it's all worth it.

Get to know Auslyn Thomas

I became a therapist because I enjoy helping people. It's my purpose. The most gratifying aspect of my job is seeing people progress and seeing them become empowered.

I decided to specialize in OCD because I've worked with many people who've been diagnosed with it. I believed it would be beneficial to get specialized treatment to work better with a population that gravitated to me.

Trauma and play therapy. Several of my first jobs involved dealing with trauma, and it became my niche. I'm also a big kid, so I love to incorporate two things I love—play and therapy.

Sometimes things may get tough, and it will be work. But when you see the progress you've made and reach your goals, you'll see that it's all worth it.

Please let me know, so we can figure out why. Remember that I'm here to help you. I'll do my best for you, whether it's continuing therapy with me or finding you the right fit. This is about you getting what you need, not about me.

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Insurance Coverages

  • Forest County Potawatomi
  • Independence Blue Cross (IBC)
  • Cigna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield - Tennessee
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield - Rhode Island



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  • English

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