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OCD therapist Tamara Fagan, Licensed Therapist, LISW-CP, Licensed OCD Therapist

Tamara Fagan


Licensed Therapist, LISW-CP

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I have anxiety, so I know what that feels like. I've learned skills to cope with it, and now I can talk about it. We all have our issues, and we're all together in this.

As a therapist, I accept people with no judgment. ERP is a skill you can learn, it's not just talking—it's a tool you can carry with you when you leave. I know you don’t want to stay in therapy forever.

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New Jersey
South Carolina

What our members say about
Tamara Fagan


Nov 08, 2023

Tammy is great!


Nov 05, 2023

Tammy is the best! She is the perfect partner and guide in my journey of recovering from OCD. She knows when to push me to work harder and when to pull back and explain things to me so I understand the steps I need to take. She is kind and a good listener.


Oct 15, 2023

Tammy is amazing! She’s the perfect partner, teacher, and friend when it comes to handling my OCD symptoms. She’s also personable, kind, and honest. I always leave a session with Tammy feeling better about myself and more empowered as a person than I did before. I’ve never had a better therapist.


Oct 13, 2023

The first session was mostly about what is going on with my son's OCD. We look forward to the future therapy sessions.


Sep 27, 2023

Kind enough to hear my problems, smart enough to help them. No judgement for a dreadful past.


Sep 25, 2023

Tammy is amazing, she truly cares.


Sep 19, 2023

I really liked Tammy. I was/am super anxious and she made me feel very comfortable. I am nervous, but more excited to start ERP with her.


Sep 12, 2023

Tammy even reached out to check on me because she knew I was struggling last week. That meant so much!


Sep 05, 2023

Thank you Tammy for the great advice and care. Thank you for listening to me and paying attention to my struggles to give me the best care possible.


Aug 15, 2023

I love Tammy’m


Jul 31, 2023

I love Tammy!


Jul 26, 2023

Tammy is wonderful! She pushed me, but in a supportive and beneficial way.


Jun 29, 2023

I've only had one session with Tammy so far, but even during that first session, she was extremely helpful and kind. She gave me some really good things to think about, and helped me realize that I'm definitely not alone in this struggle! I look forward to continuing to work with Tammy and I'm excited to see the progress that I experience with her as my therapist. :)


Jun 22, 2023

Tammy has helped me through various breakthroughs and I she’s really helping me get my mind back to myself- I have let OCD call the shots since I was little and she is doing miraculous things for me. I am so thankful to have such good guidance


May 24, 2023

Tammy is great, she makes me feel optimistic about the journey ahead of me


Apr 17, 2023

I loved how she explained the “why” behind ERP and used analogies that were easy to understand.


Apr 06, 2023

She is truly trying to help me.


Mar 28, 2023

I really loved my session… Looking forward to more sessions


Feb 22, 2023

The journey is hard. But I’m grateful that there is someone walking with me.


Feb 22, 2023

Tamara is so helpful and understanding, and I'm glad I got paired with her for my first try at therapy. If I wasn't moving, I would've loved to continue! Truly a great therapist.


Feb 09, 2023

She has helped me so much on my journey!


Feb 03, 2023

Everything Tammy and so have talked about is finally hitting the core of what I have felt so long. That in itself is a victory!


Jan 31, 2023

As always, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Tammy Fagan!! I was having a bad day today because I haven’t been feeling well, but Tammy wouldn’t let me give up on myself for even a moment. We did my ERP together, and it made my whole day better because she helped me accomplish something I didn’t think I would be able to do. Thank you, Tammy! Thank you, NOCD!


Jan 24, 2023

Tammy Fagan is the BEST! She’s so supportive, so kind, and so knowledgeable. I truly feel like we have developed a wonderful partnership and I know I’m not alone in this battle with OCD. I feel more confident and I can see myself making real progress in my disorder for the first time in forever with her guidance. Thank you Tammy, and thank you NOCD!


Jan 11, 2023

Tammy is fantastic. Looking forward to working with her!


Dec 29, 2022

Tammy Fagan is wonderful! She’s a great listener, asks thorough questions, and pushes you to do better. She’s also kind and understanding. Thank you NOCD!!


Dec 13, 2022

Tamara Fagan is a lovely, smart, and kind lady who listened to me, offered good advice, and gave me lots of hope for the future!


Dec 12, 2022

I felt relief from how in depth she is!


Nov 21, 2022

Life changing


Nov 14, 2022

I love Tammy she is 👍👍👍 great


Sep 29, 2022

Takes the OCD monster and makes it less scary.


Aug 10, 2022

She was unable to help because I don’t have ocd. If I did, she would be wonderful.


Jun 30, 2022

Tamara has been amazing with my son who is 11 years old. It is difficult for him to open up and talk and Tamara was able to get him to that point in a short time. He feels very comfortable and at ease with her. She is so patient and kind.


Jun 16, 2022

She did not bite! I felt very welcomed and understood. It was comforting and comfortable.


Jun 06, 2022

Tammy’s the best!


May 24, 2022

I've been a hard person for therapist to deal with but I really have no complaints right now I feel hopeful that somebody understands ocd and will help me


May 12, 2022

Tammy was very understanding, empathic, and encouraging! She showed that she geniurely cares about my health. I'm looking forward to continue this journey with her!


Mar 29, 2022

Tamara is easy to talk to, and explains things well. She has a nice calm energy but with enthusiasm.


Mar 01, 2022

I love my therapist and feel very optimistic and good about my journey to recovery.

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